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LPT port differance between Win98SE and Win XP

April 13, 2012 at 00:43:26
Specs: Windows XP, pentium 2.2ghz
I bought a very expensive program a few years ago that I love and use nearly everyday, but I have a problem with it. when I first got it Win98SE was still in use, but shortly after ( a few months later) everything switched to WinXP. I had paid just over $1000.00 for this program but the program uses a direct memory method to send things to printers and plotters and even that I can load the program on Win XP and it works fine, when I need to send anything to the printer or plotter I get an error that says it cannot identify the lpt port and I should check for proper memory locations in the lpt driver.
I tried to put the memory location I got from win98SE into the lpt port driver in Win XP but XP will not allow those addresses because some other system function is using them. Is there some way to get Win XP to use the LPT port exactly like Win98SE ? Currently I have to use VMware and run a copy of Win 98SE to get my program to use the lpt port, so there must be a way to get WinXP to treat the lpt port exactly like Win98se did?
Normally I would just get a upgrade to the program but even after pointing out the operating system change in such a short time, the software company will still only offer me an upgrade for a reduced $800.00 price, they say because they had to completely rewrite the software to get it to work correctly on XP but I think the cost is totally outrageous, but they will not budge.
Again, this program works in XP except that it will not recognize the changes XP made to the lpt ports and it won't send anything to the printer or plotter, which is a must with this program.

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April 13, 2012 at 04:15:03
Windows 98SE is based of MS-DOS and allows direct port access. Also the software was likely MS-DOS based and 16bit.

Windows XP is based of the 32bit NT Kernel Family and does not allow direct port access.

Therefore the Software Creators are dealing with 2 separate Operating Systems at the base level.

VMware is the way to go as you have found out:

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April 13, 2012 at 13:11:00
A Windows XP service pack did away with two important files. One is autoexec.nt and the other is config.nt. It may be that if you have the exact notes on Windows 98's versions of autoexec.bat and config.sys then you might be able to set them..

There is no special difference between the two OS's. A lpt port is part of the original IBM pc as a basic component. Some newer bio's allow you to select how the port acts. Windows xp also allows some settings for that port too. All of them need to be similar to the old 98 install. Older programs used to write to the config and autoexec file. They can't on xp since the name has changed.

Telling us the name of the program may have helped too.

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