lost toolbar with tools, help

November 23, 2010 at 10:53:15
Specs: Windows XP
Second time this year...took months before, but finally did recovery and cleared problem...problem was that Flash Player quit working on IE7...works on Chrome and FF...had upgraded to IE8 awhile ago and working find...past week, Flash Player not displayed. With many MS forum direction, have uninstalled IE8...and now have lost toolbar with Tools, Favorites, Tools, Help, etc...and the right mouse click does nothing to resolve it, nor ALT, nor hitting F11. And cannot download anything, like the Fix It from MS or even Adobe or Macromedia web sites. And IE8 will not reinstall...stuck in the mud after rescuing as far back as available. Has gotten worse...

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November 23, 2010 at 17:58:52
It is the menu bar you are asking about.

I am puzzled, you seem to be saying that the menu bar cannot be turned on using the correct switching sequence?

Anyway just in case I have not understood, here is a way of turning it back on.

Right click the mouse just below the dividing line under the back arrow on browsers window and select menu and you will get your menu bar back.

If that does not work due to what you said in your post then try downloading and re-installing the full version of IE8 from:

When everything else fails, read the instructions.

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November 23, 2010 at 18:47:56
Will try this again...IE gets that stupid, sorry have to close, when I clicked onto the little arrow next to little house (home) icon.

Ok, there is no little dividing line below the page back arrow...there are no discriptions in the Window tabs showing page. Also, the right mouse does not work as I said in first statement. Also said that I tried to reinstall IE8 but it says it is already loaded...thought I had removed it...cannot find it in search, but it is in the Control panel Add/Remove section, but it will not allow me to remove it.

Remembe, right mouse does not work. Also, found that in Control Panel, clicking onto the Internet Options icon it does not open...just a quick flicker...same with Java icon. Obviously major problem. Going to figure out if I can save all the thousands of bookmark/favorites if possible and then go through a complete removal effort of IE7 and 8 if. Otherwise am stuck...for there is nothing you can click onto to get the toolbar with find, ....help...items back. It has the URL section at the top, then the tabs below, then Home icon, envelope, printer icon, then four little down arrows, then ? icon and another little down arrow. None work...but if you click onto the home icon, get the 'sorry have to close' and then browser closes.

So, have been working on forums for nearly three days with no success. Have tried many things from MS helpers and others, thanks for trying.

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November 24, 2010 at 04:40:29
The dividing line I was referring to is the faint line separating your address bar and the tabs. There is a small area just on that separating line where you can right click and activate your various menu items.
You can also do this by right clicking in the vacant area to the right of the last tab (i.e. after the new tab control).
This above is now assuming you can right click using an external mouse.

Also just in case you are not doing it correctly, ALT only works if the focus is on your browser window. If you cannot get focus onto the browser window using the mouse then use "ALT + TAB" until the IE icon is selected and the focus will be on your browser window.
If you can get ALT to work, then the controls of the menu bar and other bars that you want to activate are in the "view, toolbars" option.

OK, now some new thoughts:

I am assuming now you say the mouse is not working that it is a laptop. You have not told us if it is desktop/Laptop.
Assuming it is a laptop and the right bouse button not working is a hardware problem, then you can try to use an external mouse, either PS2 or USB. If it is a desktop then you can try a different mouse. Use USB if you are using PS2 and vice versa.

If "ALT F" works you can use the import export capability of IE to export and save your bookmarks to an external bookmark file as backup.
Alternatively just copy the favourites folder from "Documents and Settings\<username>\Favorites" to either a USB stick or other backup media.

You could as a last resort try and remove IE and re-install it as you have suggested. To remove IE use Control Panel, ADD or Remove Programs, Add/Remove Windows Components. I have never tried this myself.

Hope one or more of these help.

When everything else fails, read the instructions.

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November 24, 2010 at 05:05:42
I have a desk top....there is no little line between address bar and tabs..believe me. Also, placing mouse on blank area right of last tab does not work. Also, the mouse right click does work...not mouse problem. How do I know, can go into documents and settings/Admin.../favorites and click on items with right click...can actually copy and paste in search area...but cannot paste in this link area.

Guess after nearly five days of working on problem with several forums, guess I'll just try to delete both IE 7 and 8...but doubt that will be easy. Concerned that my saved favorites in Doc and Settings folder will disappear but shouldn't. Also, if successful in removing both IE's will have to pay to reinstall. Note: Have been trying to watch HGTV videos with no luck. Going to have to learn why WMV and Flash are connected in the failure. Both don't show vidoes. No youtube, etc. But for now, just trying to figure out, with all the things forums have directed me to do have resulted in IE's almost useless...cannot get history, nor buttons for file, edit, view, favorites, tools, help menu bar. I have that others have had this problem in forums years ago, but not one person had concluded to get help with all the suggestions. Even seen some go into register changes...etc. I believe it should be simpler, but guess not. Thanks for you trying to assist in resolution. Have Happy Thanksgiving.

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