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lose info from system restore

April 20, 2010 at 06:14:55
Specs: Windows XP
I get message on XP saying I have a corrupt system32\system file. If i go into the Recovery Mode and replace the System file using my XP startup disk, I'm sure I will then be able to reboot up . However, will my System Restore files still be there and will I be able to go back to a previous known "good" restore point. I seem to remember doing this once and there were no restore points showing on my PC

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April 20, 2010 at 07:52:15
Depends on how your system is configured. Do you have two partitions on your hard drive one for the live data and one for the system state data? If so you will probably be fine but if not the system restore will, unless otherwise specified, format the primary drive and if your system states are there they will be erased. If you do not have two partitions on your drive then I would get an external USB drive and move your system states to it before you start. You might also want to move all of your documents to it as well because if all you are doing is system state backups then you will lose your documents.

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April 20, 2010 at 23:02:39
Whether or not you have a separate partition for data etc. apart from the one where OS/apps etc. are installed...

Most definitely safeguard your "first" before you do anything else; paricularaly as you considering a restore/recovery routine to some degree...

Transfer (copy) data etc. to optical-media and/or an external HD if possible. Verify opticals are OK on at least one other system before going anyway down the recovery routines...

Then deal with the problem as stated...

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April 20, 2010 at 23:58:38
Thanks for your replies. However, still not clear whether my restore points will be there! My disc is partitioned so that Windows in on C: and all data on D: So., if I replace system files (on c:) using recovery option, will that overwrite any restore points that are already there ( I presume that they would be stored on C: drive and I don't relish the thought of reloading all drivers, settings etc) The thing is, I cannot get into PC to backup restore points unless I go through the replacing system. Chicken & egg?? So, will restore points be safe or what?? Thanks again for any suggestions...

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April 21, 2010 at 00:43:52
If you do a standard system recovery routine - be it via the "hidden" partition on the drive (at the physical start of the drive) or via a recovery disk itself... All previous restore points will go...

Which is perhaps one reason to make your own restore/recovery disks too - with all "your" additions etc. in the version. Typically one will use a third-party util to this end (and crate an image of the drive/partition as you like it to be); I favour Acronis v.11 - although there are many others out there as well...

Also some laptops etc. have a built-in util to make a recovery set when you get the kit new (Acer have one for example); and that can be run as often as one wishes to make more current recovery disks that incoporate "your " adititions again as above?

Also "some" recovery routines allow a sort of half-way restore; essentially repairs etc, to some degere the installation - but doens't atack/destry data. But again I think all previous restore points will go... There is usually a "menu" of sorts to allow you to "choose" what you wish to do...; but not always?

Certianly I wouldn't bank of any restore points surving a typical restore/recover routine.

An (bootable/restorable) image (e.g. made via Acronis etc.) will probably preserve any Restore Points in existance at time you make the image? But not having checked that bit personally... I'm theorising...

So overall I suggest it's - yes all previous restore points will more than likely go when run a recovery/restore routine.

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