Java alternative?

February 27, 2010 at 03:12:33
Specs: Windows XP Pro
Probably a long shot but is there a way to run a Java applet without having to install Java Runtime?

One of the users of my computers "desperately" needs to use a site that uses Java applets. I refuse to install Java on the machines though; I consider it bloatware and a security risk.

Last machine I had it on, it had been updating itself which I thought was a good idea, then I realised it hadn't been removing the old versions for "compatibility reasons".

In Add or Remove Programs there were at least ten different versions of Java installed all over 100mb a pop. And it'd been installing an extension for Firefox each update, but even after I'd removed the obsolete versions of Java the extensions in Firefox could only be disabled, not uninstalled.

I know, I could just have Java on the computer and disable its auto update function and do it myself if needs must to avoid the bloat but Java is such a security risk.

Of all the things my users did to infect computers with viruses (email attachments, downloading dodgy files). I was irritated that Java seemingly allowed them to infect a computer by simply surfing a web site. Luckily I've got pretty good AV but even so...

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February 27, 2010 at 07:19:35
Real a lot of websites do use java for menues and a lot of other things.
To avoid having installed several different versions of java, you can simply do one custum installation and change the program folder to e.g. c:\program files\java.
On updating java, it will use the same folder, except, you're downloading the JRE manually and install it by yourself. In that case, you have to change the default program folder again to c:\program files\java.
So you only have one version of java installed,
I guess, there isn't any other way to solve that problem.
Surfing the Internet is always risky.
You have to keep the machines software and AV up to date.
Your users must be sensibilized for the risk of surfing the internet and downloading and installing files from the internet.

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February 27, 2010 at 08:49:54
Your users must be sensibilized for the risk of surfing the internet and downloading and installing files from the internet.

I do try to get them to understand and be more responsible. Unfortunately it seems they're either thick and cannot learn, or simply just don't care.

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February 27, 2010 at 08:57:25
If you get Java, also get JavaRa from

If will check for updates with a click and will delete all old versions with a click or two.

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February 27, 2010 at 09:04:20
I'm aware of this problem. They mostly think, it's the companies network and the IT service guys are keeping the network secure.
They mostly won't do such things at home.

In many companies, the users have to confirm an agreement, where they are not allowed to install software by themself and they must not surf download MP3 files, videos a.s.o.
On violation of mostly two times, the are fired.

But, not easy to manage, I know.

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