Is my id still stolen

March 23, 2011 at 13:10:17
Specs: Windows XP, AMD ATHLON 64X2 DUAL CORE PROC 3800+
in 2006 a so called friend Rob helped me get hardware to build a pc. as we put it togeather he kept telling me "you just don't know what u can do with this pc" after it was built i had problems hang ups, rebooting, missing files, sound problems, couldn't record vhs or dvd on hdd, etc. the pc store swore everything runs fine when they used it. i spent over a total of $8,300 over a year sometimes in the shop 3 times a month.Rob droped me hints on what things i or he could do with that pc. TOLD ME SOMETHING ABOUT 2 PC ON 1 SCREEN AND SOMETHING ABOUT HIDDING IN SOUND AND SOMETHING ABOUT IF I DID THAT THE PROBLEM WILL BE IN THE SCREEN MONITOR NOT THE PC AND A PING COULD TAKE A WEB SITE little did i know he stole my IP address when putting the pc togeather and mirrored so 2 pc were under 1 IP. he purposly was doing all thoes things. i had no idea as this was my first pc. he got cocky and stole $ out of Bank of America, Pay Pal, Discover and Visa. the bank send me in circles telling corp. has the aftadavid forms the corp told me branch had them after going 4 times in a circle with them i went to the Police they said they have no investagating way to find out what is going on. then they refered me to FBI on the internet they sent me notice "if we find this clame inportant enough u will hear from us within 30Days. they never sent a email. so i turned off my internet for 5 years. and been living in hell since he took my $ and after 5 yrs ago i still have a 400 credit score. before i had a high 600 then after i sold my g.parents house and got some $ (that is how i got the pc and 2 extra credit c.)i got my credit to almost 800 till he came along. i was buying coins from Overstock auctions and selling some when i found out $ was missing. selling on a web auction just as i hit the activate auction web client the whole site went blank then errer can't display this page. i called web client mad because the co can't sell my coins over thr internet they said the whole web client or server went down THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME I KNEW ROB STOLE MY ID HE BLEW OUT THE SITE USING HIS PC BEHIND MINE, AND IP ADDRESS so latter i moved away turned on my pc after 5 yrs and reformat it. then i had problems again. i found out he can put something in my pc or in my email to find me. i changed my password to my old email and moved to another email. he never sent me a email so i don't know how he is still with me. but he is, even with the new email it goes slower than dialup having problems getting to load and read email. and my pc has no way to get a IP address no TCP/IP, empty, won't show in IP config, files just downloaded files r empty won't let me download anti-spy or virus or anything like that it comes back as file corrupt but i can download pic or songs or vid. and ie8 i get errors all over the place 10 to a page sometimes i just reformated this pc for the 5th time in 2 months and i gat the same problems some as before 5RYS AGO and new ones. last week i wrote something on a text doc.on 1 pc then went to the other pc and on HDD label it was writen there????? 2pc 1 screen and 1 internet connection how r they transfering info without me installing a program for that????i bought shareware software (WINCUSTOMIZE) and can't use that barely. i put a shortcut in a folder and other icons 1to 3 of them will move across the screen. I NEED HELP, DON'T KNOW WHAT TO, NEVER BEEN ABLE TO ENJOY A PC THEY R JUST PIECES OF $%^#$ AND ONLY FOR TWISTED PEOPLE WHO TELLS PEOPLE HE DOES THIS BECAUSE HE CAN THIS $&(#$#^%*(&%^#$ MAKES ME WANT TO DESKIN HIM ALIVE AS I BUT RUMP HIM WITH MY KEYBOARD. formating is not working its not the pc right? is there other ways to explain some of the things i listed? oh all the security i have sees nothing wrong with the pc even micro secur escent. i have softwaer that looks for 1 certian trojan or worm i have over 20 like that and i find nothinf wrong with both pc i did a custome update (don't want sp3 slow pc) i had all updates nothing wrong 1 hour latter no internet connection but every thing is there and this is on my 2nd pc. now i think he access to both pc now. WHAT DO I DO JUST GIVE IN AND STOP HAVING A PC LIKE HE WANTS.

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March 23, 2011 at 13:50:15
If you feel you have been hacked or other illegal id theft then call the police.

"The era of big government is over," said Clinton 1996

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March 23, 2011 at 14:02:24
People such as yourself have no business owning a computer. Did you really think switching off your computer or cancelling your internet service was going to do anything? Did you cancel your credit cards? change any of your passwords? Change your bank accounts?

And spending $8300 on a computer that's only worth a couple of hundred is ridiculous. You could have bought 10 brand new computers for that kind of money.

Abandon ship. Buy a new computer. It's 2011, your 2006 PC is old news, plus it's totally mucked up. It's not worth investing another penny on. BTW, find another computer repair shop, the one you're using is ripping you off just as bad as your "friend".

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March 23, 2011 at 16:28:15
and PLEASE learn to use punctuation. Your post was painful to read

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March 24, 2011 at 12:28:47
i asked the police ..(3 times)... u have no proff and it been to long.... if u came to us when it was going on.....i got the same old song and dance in a circle again. i told them as it was happening. then a year latter, then another year after that hopeing they have a way at that time.

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March 24, 2011 at 12:59:21
it sounds u had a chance to go to pc school and learn everything about a pc before u got on line. tell me something how much did it cost? because the only way i got to know computers is from learning on line and from trial and error. when someone is messing with u, u don't know what is causing the problem because u spend all ur time trying to solve the last problem he created for u as u have a new problem keeping u from fixing the last problem. then as time goes by and u don't think about the $ ur to busy trying to learn how to fix things but u can't. i changed passwords, i can't cancel a c.c. till i get a afftadavid(sworn statement) at least that is what they told me. back then i thought u get paid to do what u r told to do not what u feel like doing. i didn't know people of a co. will tell u anything to get out of 15 min. of work to help someone i mean that is what they r paid for. dealing with the bank, c.c and FBI pretty much told me they r saying FTW when they did me that way so i just left everything like they wanted me to. didn't have the $ to pursue any more. hey i did everything i was told to do and more.the bank and c.c. co. don't want me to sign a swarn statement, and FBI don't care about ID theft. yes i thought a reformated pc and a new house address would do it. i thought the only way (at the time) to get infections or get hacked into was by downloading and opening emails u didn't know. i mean no one gets on a bike the first time and not fall off. THANKS FOR PUTTING ME DOWN FOR LEARNING....mickliq....

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