internet explorer has disappeared from my com

July 27, 2011 at 12:42:46
Specs: Windows XP
internet explorer has disappeared as well as other programes like AVG, I have tried a system restore it then asks me which program to use

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July 27, 2011 at 14:28:28
You probably have crap that was made by the maker of what is generically called a "Rogue" anti-malware program. They contaminate web sites on the internet with that crap - all you need to do is click on a link to such a web site and the crap will load on your computer.
OR - if you download illegally gotten software, the crap may have been embedded in that.

Most major anti-malware programs do not detect and stop that crap from installing because it's frequently changed.

Along with that crap, you get frequent messages that say your computer is severely contaminated, and you are urged to go to some web site for a Free Scan. or the Free scan starts automatically - if you give in to that, it WILL find things, but at least some of them were installed due to the same "Rogue" anti-malware program planting crap on some web site you visited, and you MUST pay for the program to get rid of what it finds.
Don't buy the program ! The severe contamination is FAKED !
They're trying to deceive you into buying their (legitimate) anti-malware program !

It's not malware in the same way other malware is. If you buy their program, or if you use a program that can actually get rid of the crap it was responsible for installing, the result is the same - no real harm has been done to your Windows installation.

You may need to load your newest restore point in System Restore before you do the following !
Loading a previous restore point does not restore everything to the way it was, it just restores some things You may still have the same malware with a previous restore point.

Download the Free version of Malwarebytes, install it and run it - it will probably get rid of that crap and all it's symptoms . Choose to place the download on your Desktop (screen).

If you can't download it on your computer in your internet browser - often you get frequent pop ups in that, or your are auto re-directed to their web site - download it on someone else's computer , copy it to a flash drive, and when you plug the flash drive into your computer while Windows is running, when the pop up appears about the flash drive contents, choose to view files on the flash drive, and choose to copy the download to your Desktop (screen)..

Possible problems, and solutions.

If the download will not work, some malware prevents all or most *.exe files from running.

If you rename the file extension of the download to .bat from .exe, the download will still install Malwarebytes (if you don't see the *.exe file extension of the download, you need to have Control Panel - Folder Options - View set to NOT Hide file extensions for known file types - click on the checkmark before it to remove it, click on OK at the bottom of the Folder Options window.)

If the download will still not execute with the .bat file extension, rename the first part of the file name before the file extension to anything but mbam.....- the download will then install Malwarebytes .

If the resulting link (shortcut) on your desktop screen will not execute, same thing - rename the file extension of the file the shortcut is trying to execute in Program Files to .bat, and the installed Malwarebytes program will work. Edit the file name in the shortcut's Properties, or make a new shortcut, after you have done that.

The installation program must have access to the internet in order to update itself,.

If you boot the computer into Safe mode, choose Safe mode with networking.

Run a Full scan, have it remove everything it finds.

The full scan will take less time in Safe mode.

Restart the computer.
The crap will probably be all gone.

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