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Internet Connection Stalled

October 10, 2010 at 10:35:41
Specs: Windows XP
<< Internet Connection Stalled >>
<< SUSPECT "Socket Error 10055, No Buffer Space Available" >>


(1) Many (many?) months ago, my browser would stop responding for no obvious reason.
Usually, this occured after my computer had been on for an extended period.
However, the period could be just a few days or weeks.

(2) The ONLY fix was to reboot my computer.

(3) I have other computers on my home network which appear to be working fine, when mine isn't. My computer has a direct ethernet connection into the ADSL modem, while the others share a wireless connection.

(4) I have recently discovered another clue to the likely cause of the problem. I use Second Copy to backup my hard drives locally AND across my home network. Every now and then, the Second Copy log file indicates that the network copy could not be completed, or that the log email could not be sent. The reason reported is "Socket Error 10055, No Buffer Space Available". When this occurs the internet browser is also not responding.

(5) Another thread indicated that it MIGHT be that the error is caused by too many tcp/ip connections & frequently is due to using a P2P program and there is no cure to that except cut the amount of connections, that is don't use P2P.

(6) I unistalled all my P2P programs. This did not fix the problem.

(7) Is there a way to INCREASE the number of allowed tcp/ip connections (or the like) ?
This should give me some extra breathing space between reboots of my system.

Thanks in advance

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October 11, 2010 at 00:18:03
cosmo1957, may/may not be an answer for you. Worth a try IMHO. Now and again I get the same sort of thing. Seems now and then Windows needs to 'clear it's head'. The culprit in my case is machine memory being all used up and needing to be cleared. When you reboot, sorta the same thing happens, but it'll do it without the reboot.
I run a proggie called 'Crap Cleaner' (available free @: It's a cleaner proggie in which you can designate just what it should do. I set mine to empty my 'temp files' and clear 'index.dat'. Once I've run it (only takes seconds), things seem to work fine. Your machine?
Ed in Texas.

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October 11, 2010 at 02:59:54
(1) I have been using CC for a few years now. I have used it more often of late but it has not made any difference.
(2) By the way, I'm using Firefox (did try Google Chrome for a few months as well).
(3) Does anyone know how to INCREASE the number of allowed tcp/ip connections (or the like) ? I'm assuming this is a WindowsXP variable SOMEWHERE ?

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