installing nero 6

July 16, 2009 at 06:51:50
Specs: Windows XP sp2
hello i have a cd of nero 6. when i try to install it the whole installation goes well but in end i got this error: custom action dll crashed on NeroAg_RegisterComEx.the installer must now exit. can any 1 help me? thanks.

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July 16, 2009 at 09:25:18
are u trying to install on vista? If so, its not compatible, u would need a newer version of nero.

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July 16, 2009 at 16:53:38
mdoggy39... read the posters computer specs... he has XP SP2

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July 17, 2009 at 09:08:40
hey buddy can you give me it's working solution? i am using xp sp2. thanks

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July 17, 2009 at 13:41:00
Try searching the web using the exact message you're getting, or several words in a row in it, with and without quotes around them - make sure there are no typos.

It's NOT recommended you have more than one burning program installed at a time - they often each have one or more resident modules that are running all the time, and it's common for those to clash with each other. XP, at least when it has SP2 updates and later, has a simple built in CD burning program - it has no resident module, but it can't burn DVDs.

If you have another version of Nero installed, or other burning software installed, un-install any listings for it in Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs before you install this Nero software.

Standard stuff...

You are a lot less likely to have problems while installing software if you have a minumum of programs running when you install software.
E.g. use msconfig
Start - Run - type: msconfig, press Enter. Disable everything listed under the Startup tab from loading, reboot, install the software. If not everything was enabled, it's a good idea to make notes about what was enabled BEFORE you disable everything. (You do NOT have to load everything listed there in any case - many people have too many things that load there that don't need to load.)
When you have disabled something from loading in msconfig, the next time you boot, in 2000 and up, you get two System Configuration windows that pop up when the desktop loads.
Click on the large X top right in each one, install the software.
The next time you boot, click on the two Xs in those windows again. If the software you loaded installed correctly, the next time you boot, click on the X in the first System Configuration window, chose the Startup tab in the second one, and enable everything, or enable what you want to enable. The next time you boot, if the first System Configuration window pops up again, click on the small square box on it to insert a checkmark, click OK, then the second window will not pop up, and niether window will pop up the next time you boot.

Many anti-malware programs have a resident module (a part that scans for suspicious activity all the time) that can interfere with the proper installation of some software and you should disable that.
E.g. AVG 8.x free and paid, Avast! free and paid, SpyBot free and paid, Malwarebytes paid, AdAware paid, Norton products, Freedom (Telus provides it free for you to install) all have one or more resident module.
AdAware free, Malwarebytes free, does not.
Microsoft's Windows Defender antimalware has a resident module but it doesn't seem to interfere with installing anything.
If the anti-malware program has a resident module, usually disabling everything in msconfig - startup from loading does NOT disable the resident module. Usually you must disable the resident module in the anti-malware's configuration settings.

Enable any resident module you disabled in anti-malware software after you have installed your software and it's working correctly.

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