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July 16, 2011 at 16:23:37
Specs: xp, 1 gb
Greetings, I am attempting to install XP to a clean HD; using a FlashDrive onto a Toshiba Laptop.It is set to read from USB at startup.I copied Complete XP cd contents along with Boot Disk files onto the will boot to C:, I cannot get it to accept the Smartdrive command,saying HIKEM? file not found (yet both are on Flashdrive ). Yet I CAN get to WINNT, where it finds Installation files and appears to be installing them [ I see lower right of screen "copying cab files" etc.].,,,then that lower part is gone, but main screen still says copying files,....I've waited approximately 20 minutes,nothing changes .Am i to believe it just takes a very long time,or is it not copying anything.

Why I wonder does it not find HIKEM/smartdrive?,...I Have changed XP installation cd's and downloaded a fresh Bootdisk file./////And.,,,I wonder why I CAN GET THE CD drive to Boot from the cd drive--to FDISK,..delete partion/format drive etc.,.but to load the actual XP cd, it says,..NO CD rom found, mscdex-whatever??

Thank You ED ZONER

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July 16, 2011 at 17:27:27
HIKEM is actually HIMEM (High Memory Driver)
The system needs HIMEM.SYS to load SmrtDrive into high memory.

However, SmrtDrive.exe is not essential, Windows will still install but it will just take longer.

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July 16, 2011 at 21:12:38
It appears you're doing it all wrong. 1st of all, do you have a SATA HDD? If you do, you're going to have to create a new XP disc with the SATA/RAID drivers slipstreamed into it, then copy that over to your USB flash drive. But it's not as simple as just copying, the drive has to be prepared properly. See the following article:

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July 17, 2011 at 08:41:30
"I wonder why I CAN GET THE CD drive to Boot from the cd drive"

I'm assuming you meant to say something like.....

I wonder why I CANNOT GET THE CD to Boot from the cd drive

If the optical drive is a USB connected external drive, you often, if not always, CANNOT get ANY of the files to load from the XP (or 2000) CD because the files on the CD cannot recognize the USB external optical drive model. (Those CDs may not recognize ANY USB external optical drive model - I don't recall them existing at all when XP or 2000 were first released.)

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