install Windows XP on Compaq Presario CQ42

Compaq / Cq42- 103tu
August 13, 2010 at 22:06:04
Specs: Windows 7

How to install windows XP on compaq presario CQ42 -103TU. it has windows 7 on it , but i wana change to XP. when i put the windows XP CD inside, it gives an compatibility issue error.
pls advise ,,,


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August 14, 2010 at 01:41:16
Reza12, you're trying to install 2 OSs on the same partition. They don't play well together. See if you can designate a new partition (dunno if you can & retain 7) and put XP on it?
Ed in Texas.

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August 14, 2010 at 08:39:11
First - before you go down that road... ensure you can locate/secure "all" drivers etc. for the system - when running XP...; otherwise you may end wasting your time and efforts as you set about installing XP.

Go to website the Compaq; search out the model you have (likely support\downloads area is a place to go). If all drivers for XP are there - dowload and burn them to cd.

Then decided - do you wish to have a dual-boot or simply XP alone.

Post back with what yoiu want to end up with; and if you have managed to secure all drivers for XP.

Then folks can/will help you further... (most of it is on the www in detail).

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August 14, 2010 at 10:39:15
The HP site is harder than some to find the drivers but here are the XP drivers for the system. They have XP, Vista, Win 7 and even Win 2000.


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August 14, 2010 at 11:32:21
As XP drivers are available... if you want a dual-boot then this site details how to do it; read it carefully!

Youtube video re' removing Vista and installing XP...

In essence you boot with the XP CD - and just reformat the Vista partition... You could delete the partition first, then when you recreate one make it smaller size than the whole dirve - say 1015Gig or so; balance of drive can be configured/formatted as Extended partition/logical-drive - for data only. CD has to be set as first boot-device in bios for the above.

You will also need a disk with all XP drivers included; and it's probably possible to slipstream sed drivers into the a copy of your XP disk; so as to automate driver installation? Likely the HD in question is SATA - so you will definitely need to have drivers for XP-SATA to hand - they go in very early in setup sequence...; and you can either slipstream them into a copy of tthe disk, or provide them separately when prompted (early setup) for drivers for the storage device?

However.... if the drive has a hidden/recovery partition on it (and likely it doth...?) then my understanding is that it's a bit more complicated... You need to determine if there is such a partition on the drive...

If you can acces the boot.ini and post it here likely that will tell us what partitioning is at present. If there is a hidden/recovery partition present then the OS will be in partition-2 - not partition-1; and this will be shown in the info (in the ARC statement).

The other way to see what's on the drive (partitioning info) is via Vista's drive management utility (or whatever it's called in Vista)? Again it will show if there is a small hidden partitoin - ahead of the designated/labeled c: partition.

Why do you want to go back to Vista? I ask more out of academic interest etc. as I have no flags to wave for the now deceased (or almost) Vista; I prefer XP...

I should point out that I I haven't ever had to remove Vista etc. and replace it with XP; so my suggestions/advice are partly based on input here (from others), and a degree of trawling/research over the last two years or so to same end... All just in-case I had to go that remove Vista path etc.. Many opt to go dual-boot in the end... as it is apparetnly easier?

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August 26, 2010 at 23:49:56
Hi, I wanted to do the same.
First, I shrinked (shrank? shrunk?) the 450GB partition to 50%, so that I have space for a second OS.
But similar as you, I get the Blue Screen after the XP setup loads its drivers.
I tried XPsr1 and XPsr3, similar result...

It may have to do with the SATA HDD or with the hidden boot partition.

I really need XP on my machine...

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August 27, 2010 at 07:39:13
From trawls in not so long ago posts and times.. I am led to conclude/understand that if you have that dreaded "hidden" recoyery partition on the drive.. Then you cannot install XP afresh... - certainly vi a usual CD boot etc...

A while back I restored an Acer Aspire laptop with 'XP-Home (its default/installed OS); then upgraded it to XP-Pro (using an OEM disk - unused to that time). In effect I overwrote the Home with Pro... and it went in fine - but the HD in that model Acer is ATA/EIDE not SATA. I seem to recall simply boot up with the OEM CD etc. and getting the usual where/how do you wish to install the OS screens.... Can't recall if I did a repair installation or a simple overwrite (pointed it to install to eh already existing windows folder); but either way it went in fine... But again no SATA drivers required...

Possibly in the post immediately above... you need to supply/install the SATA drivers during the appropriate/early stage of setup; you get a prompt re' such drivers as part of a normal setup? Again all this via a CD boot etc.

Another possible route... Boot into Win-7; then access the XP CD and run the winnt32.exe command? This may also allow setup to proceed - but again I think you will have to provide SATA drivers accordingly... (and I'm not at all familiar with sed drives/drivers enuff to know if XP uses one version of SATA drivers and Win-7 another; or is it one versin fits both XP/Win-7)?

You may to to research a little there re; SATA drivers and XP; similarly SATA drivers and Win-7?

From earlier researches it would seem pretty well established that the hidden partition doth get in the way of an OS installation when tried via a full/upgrade CD boot. But whether or not it doth also get in the way when run from within an installed OS...???

Also have you "googled" etc. to see the various options/methods re' installing XP after Win-7? If not.. time for a little research?

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August 31, 2010 at 00:35:58
I am facing the prob of blue screen while XP installation in CQ42-273TU. Which SATA drivers are to be used with slipstream in XP

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August 31, 2010 at 02:07:05

is one "how two" to slipstream them:

And there are other ways to get them installed too:one way being discussed here (and likely there are other approaches too?):

And this chap(ess?) gives you a brief how to get around no SATA drivers (at least initially); and includes a link to the more detailed document too...?


is one source of SATA drivers.

and this is the Intel site/source:

If you do a trawl out there for:

sata drivers for xp download

you'll find all of the above and lots more similar too...

Incidentally have you checked on hp/compaq site to verify that "all" required drivers etc. are available for this model? If not then suggest you do so before proceeding any further? If they are available then they will (ought to) be there for download? I had a quick look-see and didn't find XP related SATA drivers there; but the generic Intel SATA drivers (download sources above) will likely be OK here if there are none on the hp/compaq site for your system? But also do you have a set that came with the original setup disks for Win-7; as I suggest they may work equally well (although no guarantee there of course...)?

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January 30, 2011 at 21:41:03
How to install windows XP on compaq presario CQ42 -355TU. it has Dos on it , but i wana change to XP. when i put the windows XP CD inside, it gives an compatibility issue error.
pls advise ,,,
Ananta Shimbre

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January 31, 2011 at 01:11:57

Post your question anew - in its own thread/post; rather than adding it here.

Creating your own thread/post means it will be viewed by many more people; and also likely you will get more assistance...

You say this a is a Compaq Presario - with Dos installed?

How old is this system; and do you have "only" Dos installed; or another OS as well (in which case what is it)?

Also how are your setting about (trying) to install XP? Are you booting from the CD directly - rather than trying to install from with Dos itself?

Repost your question in its own thread, and provide the information requested here as part of that new post.

Finally... do NOT post an email address in a post/message here in the actual forum itslef. That is asking to be spammed - if not worse... If you must use an email to contact someone here - do so via a private message to that person. I will delete your email address here - for your safety/security etc.

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