Incremental HDD Backup

May 15, 2011 at 15:02:15
Specs: Windows 20003, r3r3r3
So, here is the issue:

I want to have a backup of my internal HD.

Obviously, I have multiple options:

1) One of them is to set up a RAID 1 array in my PC (I'd need to buy another HD to do this). The issue with this is that I already have an external HD--PLUS I'd like to be able see the files on another PC. Also, I am not sure how I can move from my existing 1 disk configuration to a RAID 1 without having to install XP again...etc..etc..

2) The second option would be to run incremental backups at specific intervals. I visualize this as copying all the files to the external HD. Now, my question is: In the event that the internal HD dies, how users backup all the windows os data? I have games that I just can't backup their files. They are somehow connected to the OS stuff and therefore, wouldn't work just by restoring their files.

So, after a fresh windows install on the "new" internal HD, how is it possible to copy all the files/programs/settings, etc..such that everything works the way it was working?

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May 15, 2011 at 17:08:11
See my #3 response in the thread linked below. FYI, there are external USB drives that come with software pre-installed that will perform continuous incremental backup. Going back to my link, pay attention to what I mention about how imaging each partition separately works.

On another note, RAID 1 is good but not nearly the best. Your computer can still get corrupted, zapped by lightning, stolen, etc. The only sure method is multiple backups located in different locations, including off site. Doesn't have to be an online off site service. You can burn disks and store them off site. Safety deposit box or friend/ relative.

I take the most care with files that can't be replaced. Photos, paid music, self created files. The rest is just for convenience.

BTW, IMO optical disk is the most reliable storage media. Cheap and easy to make multiple copies too. I image each partition to DVDR and then I sync my document folder to an external regularly.

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