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Compaq pc / S6000z
January 5, 2009 at 07:52:54
Specs: Windows XP, 1ghz
hi everyone. i have an older pc that was purchased from 2004. it does not have any video out port that i know/see of, and can only find a ieee 1394 firewire port. was wondering if it's possible to use this port and somehow project image onto my hdtv. If there is no conversion, would it be possible that there are adapters out there to convert one to another? or possibility of updating my hardware? any suggestions/comments are appreciated.

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January 5, 2009 at 08:51:50
Of course it has a video out port. That is what the monitor is connected to which is referred to as a vga port. You should be able to connect your computer to the tv via the vga ports on both.

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January 5, 2009 at 08:59:13
hi, thanks for replying. i just realized my hdtv have both a hdmi and s video port. so how do i go about outputing video from the vga port? what type of cord i need? how does it work since i need to output on both monitor and tv and only have one vga port. can someone please elaborate? I'm not very tech savvy. TIA

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January 5, 2009 at 09:17:38
In that case you need a VGA splitter something like this:

However, if your TV doesnt have a VGA input you will need a converter to convert VGA to S Video like this.

This adaptor has both S Video and Composite video output.

I have never seen a TV with an IEEE 1394 port. Thats usually used by protable devices.


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January 5, 2009 at 10:02:51
You would be better off putting in a new video card that has both s-video and vga interfaces if you want both monitor and tv.

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January 5, 2009 at 10:18:52
thanks so much for yoru replies!!! if i were to change a video card, how do i go about that? where would i start? my computer is from 2004, with 1ghz ram, are there still video cards for something so ancient? i mainly just wanted to use the comp as a source to watch movies on tv and thought there might be a simpler way, but i guess not lol.. it might just be easier to change a video card it seems.

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January 5, 2009 at 10:38:24
There is no way I know of that you can connect a firewire port to a TV, unless the TV has a firewire port, which I've never seen.

If the HDTV you want to connect to has a VGA in port (15 pin holes in three rows, in a flattened D shaped port, the same as the video port you plug the monitor into on your computer) that's the best port to use on the TV.
Whether you are using the onboard video built into the mboard or a video card in a slot, your Presario S6000z probably has only one usable VGA output port.

To display the computer display on the TV you simply select the correct video source on a button on the TV, or by using a button on the remote for the TV - e.g. TV/Video toggled to Video, PC or computer monitor.
The resolutions you can use on the TV are limited but less limited than if you are using a Svideo or composite video connection.

If you want to connect the Presario S6000z to the VGA port on the TV, which will yield you the best results, you need:
- a video splitter box - this is the same thing often used in stores to show the same disaplay on more than one computer monitor at a time -
e.g. the video splitter boxes shown here:
These boxes have a built in amplifier, so if you need to use a longer cable between the box and the computer, or between the video splitter box and the HDTV, that's not a problem.
Most VGA video splitter boxes have these ports:
Input: 15 Male x 1
Output: 15 Female x 2 (or more than 2 ports)
- AND - a VGA extension cable long enough to reach from the computer to the splitter box - usually that's 15 pin D-sub, a male (you can see the pins) connector on one end of the cord, female on the other (check the splitter box pictures or the port specs for it to see if that's what you need - the computer end is always male) - if the cord needs to be longer than 6 feet make sure the cable is "Heavy Duty".
- AND - a VGA extension cable long enough to reach from the TV to the video splitter box - the TV may have come with such a cable - if so, it's probably about 6 feet long - 15 pin D-sub male (you can see the pins) connectors on both ends of the cord - if the cord needs to be longer than 6 feet or so make sure the cable is "Heavy Duty".

If the video splitter box can be placed near the computer, and if the TV came with a VGA extension cable and 6 feet or so is long enough, you need just the splitter box and the male to female (probably) VGA extension cable from the comuter to the splitter box.

The monitor cable and the cable to the TV VGA port plug into the output ports on the video splitter box.

You CAN use a simple VGA splitter Y cable (male to two female) but it is lot more likely you will not get a good result, especially if the TV needs to be farther than 6 feet or so from the computer.

You CAN buy and install a new AGP video card that has two VGA ports, or that can be connected to via one or two DVI to VGA adapters to DVI ports so it has two VGA ports, but the disadavantage of that is some programs will ONLY produce a display on the Primary monitor as seen by Windows (e.g. Power DVD).

Your mboard can use any AGP card that is AGP 4X or 4X/8X or 8X compatible.
The mboard chipset can also support 2X ?or 2X/4X or 2X/4X/8X AGP capable cards, since one of the orginal options was an ATI 9200 or 9200SE video card, which are 1X/2X/4X/8X AGP compatible
- ALSO, you may have to get a new power supply with a greater wattage and current output at 12v capacity if you get an AGP card with a more recent video chipset - see the specs for the video card model you were thinking of using on the card manufacturer's web site - the minimum PS wattage and current capacity at 12v your system needs to have is usually stated in the specs for the card, often under System Requirements.
Brand name systems often come with a power supply of a minimal capacity.

All in all, you are probably best off using a video splitter box, etc,

Other possible alternatives.
These will NOT produce as good a result as a connection to the VGA port on the TV.

If the subject computer is a Presario S6000z, depending on what the computer came with, you may have one or more of several options.
They are TV-Out display options - the display will be inferior on the HDTV because TV-Out output is an older inferior display standard - you will be limited as to what resolutions you can use on the TV.

I'm assuming it's a US or Canada model.

The mboard has a built in display (video) adapter that has a single VGA port.
However, your Presario S6000z may have come with one of several video cards in a slot.

If you do have a video card installed in a slot, the onboard video on the mboard is disabled, and the monitor must be plugged into the VGA port in the video card in the slot space.
The video card in a slot may have a "SVideo" and/or a "composite" video (RCA female) jack on it.
E.g. like so:

You can connect from either of (but not both of).....
- the SVideo jack on the video card to an SVideo jack on the HDTV, by using a SVideo cable (4 pins, male on both ends)
- a composite video jack on the video card (RCA female) to the composite video jack on the HDTV, by means of (preferably) a composite video cable (RCA male on both ends) - more likely to yield a good display), or any cable with RCA male connectors on both ends (e.g. for audio or whatever - may not yield a a good display).

If you get a newer AGP video card, which I do not recomend if you want to be able to display everything on both displays, it may have HDTV out connection capability. That (three female RCA jacks) is better than the older TV Out capability (one RCA female jack), and your HDTV probably has HDTV video in jacks (3 RCA female, but connecting to a VGA port on the TV will still be far superior to HDTV out.
If you don't have the single composite video jack (one RCA female) on the TV, you can't connect to just one of the three RCA jacks for HDTV on the TV for a regular TV Out connection.

How to determine what video you have.

Go to Control Panel - Display - Settings
- If it says VIA UniChrome or similar you are using the onboard video, you DO NOT have an AGP video card in the AGP slot, and you DO NOT have the option of connecting via a SVideo port or a composite video jack.
- If you have a video card in the AGP slot that came with the computer, it will probably say:
- ATI Radeon 9200SE or similar
- or - Nvidia GeForce4 MX440 or similar
or - Nvidia GeForce FX5600 Ultra or similar
(the pictures above is for that card)
or - Radeon 9200 or similar

The ATI 9200SE, Nvidia GeForce4 MX440 probably also have SVideo and/or composite video ports, as well as the Nvidia GeForce FX5600 Ultra having both; the Radeon 9200 may not have either.

There is not enough info about your model on the HP site.

Compaq Presario S6000Z-P8656X Desktop PC
E.g. Product info
No specific manual
No specs listings.

Parts listings, assuming you model is a US or Canada model:

From that, I determined:

Your actual model is:
S6000Z CTO (P8656X) - AMD Athlon Kamet 2 (P8656X)

CTO is Configured to Order.

Your model can have any of many different components installed - cpus, video cards, other cards in slots, amount of ram, etc.

5069-4631 CRP kit - Presario 6000 Series (Chameleon)

You could try searching on the HP website for "Presario 6000 series" manuals.


DT043-69002 Motherboard (system board) - Kamet 20, GL6E

Found this on the web:
Specs listed there.
Apparently it's an Asus A7V8X-LA mboard, with a Compaq bios version.

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January 5, 2009 at 12:41:26
Wow. Must be nice to have so much time available :-)

mimi178 just call your local computer repair store and ask them what they recommend given your specs. Then take the computer [just the box and nothing else] to them and they will install the video card for you.

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January 5, 2009 at 18:18:14
wow. you guys are the best! thank you to all of you who took the time to respond and especially tubesandwires for written such a detailed summary. thanks soo much!!!!!! im going to do my research on what is the best way to go about this and give you guys an update. thanks again everyone!!!

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