IE = malfunction Word copy/paste - I've narrowed the probIem

April 12, 2012 at 13:04:39
Specs: Windows XP
Two weeks ago I stopped being able to highlight/copy/paste images & text from websites...something I have always done...into Word. Each time the copy results in text only with none of the original formatting (no images, headings, subtitles, spacing, colour etc) it's all in close-written text Arial 10pt (my default).
I have researched and tried everything including the suggestions on this joy in resolving this problem.
I have now spent days experimenting (including un-installing Office 2007 and installing Office 2010) and have now narrowed the problem down.

I can create a Word doc with colour text and different fonts/size and successfully copy/paste this within the doc. The moment I open up Yahoo IE on my desktop the copying facility in Word malfunctions and it just copies everything as Arial 10pt with no formatting of the original. If I close IE the copy/paste behaves properly. I have opened websites in Firefox browser and been successful with highlighting/copy/pasting multiple images & text into Word with all the original formatting, and copying within the Word doc itself is ok. The problem is very specific to my computer - having run the tests on another computer in the house.

IE is powered by Yahoo and my email is via BT Yahoo so I need to have it open almost full time……BUT it is preventing the ‘copy/paste’ functioning.
Can anyone help me resolve this please?
Many thanks

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April 12, 2012 at 13:53:51
There is a Diagnostic function in Office 2007,
do you still have the Diagnostic available in 2010?

If you do, would be curious to see what happens if you ran a Diagnostic while you have Yahoo IE open.

Might give you a pointer to where the problem is.

I would guess, it is either a Registry conflict or perhaps a DLL problem.

Another thing to try, is while Yahoo IE is open, try doing a Repair on Office.
That also might yield some clues.


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April 13, 2012 at 00:46:59
Thanks Mmconaghy
I downloaded Office 2010 because I had the problem with 2007 and had hoped to get rid of it. I had already run a diagnostic/repair with 2007 - didn't cure it.

As 2010 is new to this computer can't see the problem being with this......getting used to the new package is going to be an issue!.....computers!!!!

The problem still remains - the copy/paste malfunctions both in word and powerpoint as soon as IE is open on my desktop.

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