i need password asist.

August 19, 2010 at 04:11:21
Specs: Windows XP
My dell latitude D630 have been protected with password authenticatoon system and . I am not able to even reach upto windows so I can run the removal tool etc. Even if I press F8 to see if the PC
will start in safemode - all I get is option to boot from floppy, CD, IDE0 and IDE1. There is no option for safe mode. When I tried to boot from CD, I get another error (sorry can't remember) but Microsoft support site points to logitec keyboard.
How can I get to safe mode for my XP HOme Editon.

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August 19, 2010 at 09:11:41
IDE0 would be your first physical hard drive (or perhaps a partition) and IDE1 is the second one. However, this is usually a Linux naming convention, Windows use drive letters e.g. C: drive etc. I assume that message is coming from some BIOS function.

I would suggest trying one of the IDE* options, then tapping F8 to see if you can now get to Safe Mode. The message when choosing the CD option is probably due to a non-bootable disk in the drive (if any disk is present).

To recap, the options you are getting is to boot from either CD or either of two hard drives (or possibly two partions on a single drive).

Hope I've been of some help to you.

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