I Dropped it and it wont pop up on my pc

August 10, 2009 at 12:05:55
Specs: Windows do
I have had this WD External HDD for almost a year now....i was storing files and other programs on my hdd when my nice came by and stubbled on the power cord and it fell from the desk on to the floor...when i picked it up and plugged it back in it still worked ...but then it happened again ....like a week after it fell the first time ...only this time when i plugged it back in...it would pop up but my data was gone....i that time i just wanted it to work i didnt care about my data..so i asked a friend what to do ...he said it needed to be formatted....when i did formatted...from that day on it didnt want to pop up on my pc ever again or on any other pc...(i have a Windows XP) ...the light just goes on and off...but then it just stays on or turns off ...as many times as i unplug and plug back ...nothing....

PLEASE SOME ONE HELP...if theirs a way to fix it by myself ill do it...i dont have cash to waist so i cant take it in for repair....

unless its totally broken then ill just by a new one...
but thats the thing ...i dont know if it is...or if it isnt is there still a way to fix it so i wont have to buy a new one...

please help

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August 10, 2009 at 12:10:53
Without knowing which WD external USB hd it is, I would first take it apart to see if the internal cables have not been dislodged from the impact of the fall. WD used to sell external USB HDDs with adapters before the computer-powered slender model took over.


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