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Howto change extended partition drive letter?

Microsoft Windows xp professional w/serv...
May 3, 2010 at 00:29:05
Specs: Windows XP, 4 Gb
Short Version (read this if you have no time to read my detailed explanation in the next post below):

I'm looking at the XP installation screen, and I'm seeing one (extended) partition, which is assigned the letter C, which I don't like, because I want it to be D, and I want C for the Windows installation. So, what do I do to reassign C as D? And what do I do so Windows installation will go to C? In other words: I want C for the system (Windows) files, and D for my data. Thanks!

Long Version:

Up till February 8, 2010, my computer (Windows XP) was partitioned as follows:

Drive C: Windows XP installation Drive D: contained all my files, photos, etc.

But I got a virus on that day, so I decided I would reinstall Windows on drive C, while keeping drive D intact.

In the XP setup screen, I noticed that the partition list was wrong. I can't remember exactly how it was, but I remember that the system drive didn't have the letter C, and I thought that was weird, and I didn't know why; although later on I found out that it was because I had an external hard drive that was still connected to the computer, so it messed up the letter assignments.

But I decided to proceed with the installation anyway, and once Windows was reinstalled, I managed to correct the letter assignments (C for system/Windows, and D for my data), using the steps here:

and everything worked like a charm. So, that's it, end of story for February 8. (May 2, 2010), I had to reinstall Windows again (due to some annoyances caused by faulty drivers, but anyway, that's irrelevant), and I did the EXACT same thing as I did on February 8, up till the steps provided by

But this time I wasn't so soon as I completed the steps and then restarted the computer, it just won't reboot!! I got as far as the Windows logo with the blue background, and then it just hangs right there.

At this exact moment, I'm at the XP setup screen again (and no, I don't have any external hard drive or other USB devices plugged in), and I have just deleted the ***system*** partition, and I am left with my ***data*** partition, and it's got the letter C...which I don't want! I want the letter D for the data partition, and C for the system. But I really don't know what to do........what do I do to change the data partition to D, and make sure Windows will be assigned C?


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May 3, 2010 at 07:45:28
From what you are telling me, there is no real hope for your windows installation

The problem is that everything points to D:\ for windows now, so if you chane it nothing will work (windows, any installed programs)

I belive there was a program that used to be able to change the drive letters bundled with Partitionmagic, but since symantec killed it I have not yet used a replacement

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May 3, 2010 at 07:57:15
Backup your data, remove the partitions and reinstall Windows.


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May 3, 2010 at 08:35:09
You can change the extended partitions drive letter any time you want. You just can't change d: to anything else or the system won't boot.

Backup your data, remove the logical drive [not the extended partition], reinstall [it will be c: since that is the only choice] then in disk management reassign a logical drive letter to the extended partition. Additionally make sure no usb drives or memory sticks are attached to the system during the install phase. Reinstall your apps and restore your data.

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