how to remove windows XP from slave drive

October 4, 2010 at 04:24:00
Specs: Windows XP, 3.2/3.5
I've installed a new version of XP on a new drive. I want to use the old drive for storage, but not sure how to get windows off. I don't have a CD and I was told just deleting could damage drive.
I have a HP 7600 small form factor. It has four cables, but only three slots. Why? Any feed back is appreciated.

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October 4, 2010 at 05:57:58
It depends. Was the old drive still in the system when you installed XP on the new drive. If so, the system files, Boot.ini, and NTLDR files will reside on the old disk. Delete them and you will get the dreaded NTLDR not found error message and nothing will work.

Check were these files reside. They are hidden files so you will have to make hidden files visible to see them. If they are on the new drive then just go ahead and format the old drive providing there is nothing on it you want to keep.

If they are on the old drive the easiest solution is to temporary disconnect the old drive and do a repair install of Windows XP on the new drive. This will put the system files on the new drive and adjust all the links to them. You can then re-connect the old drive and safely format it.


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October 4, 2010 at 06:26:40
Ok so here's the real problem, I had a copy of windows that locked me out. And since I filled up the 80 Gb so quickly, I thought why not just put this 200 Gb in. So I installed a fresh version of XP on the new(200) drive. I also took out the old(80) because, I just recently added another 80 Gb before the 200, but didn't set the boot order. Thus the reason I had a problem with windows. So now I have three drives all with different copies of XP. I like the one I just installed so I want to keep it on the new drive(200) and use the 80 for data. I work with mainly audio and have almost a TB full on external. So I will mainly use the 80 for projects im working on, and store only whats being used at the time.

I know you cant just delete windows and every things fine. Some files wont let me erase. Oh yeah and the thing is the new drive is IDE and the old drive is ATA. Im also trying to install a DVD burner(ATA) as well and like I said before. I have only three slots but four cables. I really hope I'm wording all this right. I'm not very computer literate, and very tired. Also only the new drive is installed. The old one is being viewed via USB. Please tell me if I'm not making sense. Thank you for any advice offered.

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October 4, 2010 at 07:21:34
I know you cant just delete windows and every things fine.

Depends on the circumstances. If it is not part of the boot process and is not the active installation, yes you can. The active Windows installation just treats it as a collection of other files after taking note of what I said in post one regarding system files. That is just three files out of hundreds.

If the old drive is being viewed via USB then you can just go ahead and format it. It is playing no part in the boot process.

BTW: All drives in a PC are ATA. Either Serial-ATA (SATA) or Parallel-ATA (PATA) If you want to be pedantic they are both IDE as well except if they are SCUSI which if very rarely found on a PC.

I have no idea what you mean by four cables and three ]slots. You are going to have to be a bit more specific.


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October 4, 2010 at 11:55:48
First off, THANK YOU! I have tried forums, live chats, comp USA, and so far nobody has really even tried to help me. I hope I can explain this in enough detail. So here goes; Ok the computer only has enough physical space for three pieces of hardware(unless I'm missing something) 2x 3.5, and one larger space(DVD). Now coming off the motherboard are two connectors for Serial power? Small flat connector.

Now I'm going to sound dumb, there's one 80 pin? and one more that looks similar, only smaller(it says floppy on the motherboard). Now the power supply goes first to a SATA data(?) connector, then to a four prong power, then to another S/D, and at the end there is a small connector(the same size as a SATA power cable). I have no idea what that ones for. I hope its not only for a old disk drive. I'm guessing that now because of the "floppy" label on the motherboard. If so would that be "useless" for what I'm trying to do?

As for what I'm trying to do; Ok I have 2x parallel HD's.(200G&80G) and one 80G Serial HD. I have one serial DVD burner, and a parallel CD burner. I also have a USB to either SATA/IDE enclosure. What I want is the DVD burner in the computer, and (not sure which) 2 HD's in the computer. I can use the USB deal to either add more storage, or burn CD's. I've looked at the HP site: It's not much help to me, maybe I'm just missing something.

So would you have any suggestions on how to set this thing up. I've worked on my old Amd Athlon and it didn't seem as difficult. Please, Please tell me I can get this one to work how I want. I've been having enough issues with the rest of my life, and am very optimistic that something has to go my way, if not with my life, at least with my computer.

Oh yeah it has a pent.4 3.2Ghz, with 3.5G of ram if that helps. Thank you again.

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