How to Format Unallocated HDD faster?

March 27, 2011 at 07:19:43
Specs: Windows XP
Good day to all. I often need to format lots of portable HDD which is initially Unallocated. Is there any Software or any other option to do the following tasks-
1. Format to NTFS
2. Change Volume Label
3. Multiple HDD at a time.
Any Idea or help will highly appreciated.

Note: I already try EASEUS Partition Master, Partition Magic etc.

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March 27, 2011 at 10:41:34
Are you just impatient or what ?

How many external drives ?

You're not just formatting.

When you make a new partition in Windows 2000 and up, it is actually organizing the drive space using a partition type the operating system recognizes, NTFS or FAT32 or FAT, and formatting the organized space, in one step, the organizing of the drive space using a partition type happening slightly before the organized space is formatted.
In ME and previous you had to use Fdisk to organize the drive space using a partition type the operating system recognizes, FAT32 or FAT, and then use Format on each organized partition, in two separate steps.

Doing a standard Full format takes significant time, proportional to the size of the partition, because at the very least it is throughly checking the drive space for bad sectors as it formats.

There may be programs out there that can do a NTFS Full format faster by NOT doing that, but that is NOT recommended.

E.g. Here's one that does that if you want the drive to use the FAT32 partition type (which has a 4gb per file limitation)....
On this page

"FAT32format should take about 4 seconds per Terabyte to format the disk"

The hard drives inside the external drives will probably Full format faster if you remove the drive and connect it internally to a computer.
If it's a SATA drive that's really easy - the 2.5" SATA data and SATA power connector sockets are identical to the ones on 3.5" desktop drives.

I know of no way you can format more than one drive partition at a time on the same computer - the cpu can only access one logical drive at a time - unless you have more than one cpu core in your cpu AND if you can find a program that can actually use more than cpu core to format more than one drive at a time.

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