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how to enter bios if it doesnt show up?

October 13, 2010 at 15:20:47
Specs: Windows xp
Hi there!
Ahead: I gave the pc away to be fixed cause I was fed up so I cant post a logfile, etc. but Id still want to know what you guys think about it.
How do i enter the bios if it doesnt show up and doesnt react even if I try to create a keyboard error?
I think I caught a virus cause I cant start programs anymore. Doubleclick on an icon starts a process as can be seen on taskmanager but program doesnt run no matter what kind of.

When I start the pc it says new hardware found and wants to install a driver but cant and I didnt attach anything to the pc.
Someone told me it could be a keyboard error but how come I can still use it then?
So I was gonna set it up again but as I mentioned I cant enter the bios. I pressed all the buttons, in all variations even all at once.
Any ideas?

Thanks ahead,

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October 13, 2010 at 15:39:41
Is it a USB keyboard? If it is, that may be the problem. Try a PS/2 keyboard. Once you're into the BIOS menu, then you can enable USB Legacy Support (or something similar)...that will allow the USB keyboard to be used before Windows loads.

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October 13, 2010 at 15:46:18
remove the hard drive power cable. You will have no other option but to go into the bios.

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October 14, 2010 at 02:27:41
It is a USB, I forgot to mention but I cant attach anything else. It is an Eee top so I just have USB and I cant really open it like a normal computer and disconnect a cable cause its comparable to a notebook.
So you guys also think it has something to do with hardware and not virus? Or is it both?

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October 15, 2010 at 02:54:38
Ok, I got my machine back and it works! To be honest, I was surprised. Unfortunately the guy didnt want to tell me much details but it was definitly not a hardware fault it was a virus indeed. And, by the way, not only one...

But thanks again for your ideas, jam and wanderer!

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