How to end startup loop with windows xp setup booting to saf

December 20, 2012 at 22:43:48
Specs: Xppro SP3 just added NT Server 4.0, Core 2 duo 2.8 CPU E7400GigaHtz/4062MB
Forced to reinstall OS and opted to retain original OS just to get past setup in an effort to facilitate recovery/backup. I wanted to back it up before attempting this procedure but my Tech insisted this wasn't necessary. Since I was working in safe mode(via MSConfig "safeboot")prior to this process, it attempted to revert back to that state following the usual mid installation reboot when installer sets configuration data. It then outsmarts itself stating the installation can't proceed in safe mode rebooting...ok? It's a Microsoft Sp3 cd so I can't believe the ignorant installer has no way to recognize this condition or allow xp to reboot normally or offer the option to change the current bootstate! Seems like a garantuan oversight on the part of the software developers, couldn't be!? Could it? The friggin Setup is so pissed it has now allocated all the free space on my entire 250G HDD as used rendering the drive unreadable to boot...not!-pun intended. There was over 50% free just before I started when XP booted fine just had dll and network issues from squashing heuristic virus that snuck in the latest McAfee Security Suite. I should have never installed NTServer, that was the beginning of my demise. Now I just want to recover my data even if it means partition recovery...I know the files are there even though xp is reporting 0kb and even Western Digital Lifeguard Diagnostic sees it as empty. Xp gave me a message as I unwillinKgly opted to f3 at this stage which stated that the system has allocated all sectors as used and setup could not continue- I love that generic cop out excuse devoid of detail as most are. My Tech asked me to try a different CD, swap out the DIMM's and try another HDD which I know only the latter has any chance of success which defeats the whole purpose behind all the work I've done up to this point; eradicating the problematic files and preserving my info while leaving the option to reformat THAT drive anew after my backup. My wife yelled at me to consult with our Tech who is the dude that built this computer and I knew my intuition was right, I asked him 3 times right before this if he was sure my data would remain intact but he seemed pretty sure. BTW I had just finished explaining in detail the whole safe mode-reboot loop situation minutes before initiating this last feeble excuse for a fix if I've ever seen one, but who am I to challenge a career professional"

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December 21, 2012 at 03:15:20
I'm probably like everybody else. I'm lost.

I think you are saying, number one on your list is to recover your files from a partition.

Safest way is to connect the HDD to another comp, then Copy & Paste them over.

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December 21, 2012 at 04:11:57
mmm... a rather long an confusing post - dare one say rant... If one digs into it a little perhaps the "rant" can be forgiven somewhat - frustration does take its toll on one?

As per Johnw, data recovery seems to be your prime concern; it would be mine...

Get yourself a Linux CD/DVD and boot with that. If the drive partitioning is intact - as was before you had problems - and data is still there..., then you can copy it to external media. Verify the copies are OK on at least one other system too!

If partitioning - and data not there (in a form you can access etc...) then likely you will need a data recovery util...

Key item now - do NOT attempt to write to or install anything to the drive as is... Do so and you make the whole situation even harder to recover...

See how you go with the Linux approach and perhaps report back; hopefully with a little less angst Punctuation is also a very useful tool to use when posting a message/call for help etc. here; makes things so much easier to follow? (As I said above I can understand why the angst...; but suggest you reread any messages you intend to send, and edit if needs-be, to reduce the confusions due to angst/frustration... before posting?)

Usual Linux variants are of course Knoppix, Ubuntu, Debian; all available a free downloadable ISO files - which burn to a disk and boot with that.

What was the original reason to go for a re-installation?

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