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Solved How Do You Do a Factory Reset on Dell Latitude D610

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how do you do factory reset on dell latitude d610
computer is running to slow need to set it back to oringinal settings


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  1. Not sure if this is the best option, but here is the basic attempt.

    ***Before restoring your computer, back up any programs or files you wish to keep by copying them to a CD.***

    *****Restoring your Dell Latitude D610 to factory conditions will erase all files and programs that have been added to the computer since it left the factory.****

    Unplug all external devices from your Dell D610, such as a microphone, speaker or external drive.

    Turn on your computer and as it is booting up press and hold the “Ctrl” button and then press the “F11” button. Release them at the same time. At this point on your screen you will see “Dell PC Restore By Symantec.”

    Click on, or tab down to, “Restore” and then press the “Enter” key.

    Confirm that you wish to restore your computer by clicking on “Confirm,” and then press “Enter” once again. At this point you will see a progress window appear on your screen. The entire restoration process will take approximately 10 minutes.

    Click “Finish” to restart your computer when prompted.

    edit: note that I totally agree with OtheHill, there is probably a better way, what is the issue at hand? Just slowness?


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