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How Do I Disable Caching And Shadowing

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When I go to F2 during start up Dell Dimension E510, I am unable to get into the Bios settings. How can I disable caching and shadowing as I occasionally get a blue screen error message suggesting that I do this.


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  1. OK thanks. If you get any that show a different error message or first set of figures or mention a file by name, then let us have that too. We don’t need the general text because all that really says it could be due to many possibilities, which is the dilemma.

    At this point we don’t really know if it is due to hardware or software and I gather this blue screen is infrequent which makes it harder to pin down. The things mentioned in #1 would be useful but I accept that you don’t feel qualified to go that way.

    So about all I can suggest is that you update all drivers. Not that I suspect them to be out of date but if there is any corruption it could fix them. System Restore might help but if this has been going on a long time then you will not be able to go back far enough. Neither will help if this is a hardware issue.

    You could schedule a scan of the system files like this:
    Type cmd.exe in the Run box and hit Enter key. Then type sfc /scannow in the small black screen that appears and hit Enter. It will then do the scan.

    When that has finished using the same procedure type chkdisk /f in the black box and hit Enter. It will then offer to run this next time you start up. Answer Y (for yes) and hit Enter. Restart the computer and wait for it to finish.

    The commands have to be exactly right – note that each one has a single space in it.

    Always pop back and let us know the outcome – thanks

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