Help with getting a HD audio driver

Acer / Aspire 7720
January 10, 2009 at 16:55:11
Specs: Windows XP, 2,2 _Ghz / 2 Gb
hi! i recently got tired of vista, and changed to good old xp SP2, but now, cant seem to get the audio to work, i have tried installing different drivers. the system responds by first claiming the audiosystem is working fine when i check. then when i play a song, it just says something is wrong with the system!

its an High Definition adapter. is the Microsoft UAA bus driver for high definition audio needed?

sorry the double posting, heres link to the former post:

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January 10, 2009 at 19:08:36

You mean to say there are 91 others with that name, LOL?

Well, you have found that you should get drivers BEFORE rolling back to WinXP. Unfortunately, you may not find drivers for your HD sound. Some of the sound chips in use in Laptops were never used on computers with WinXP so no WinXP drivers exist.

Most of those sound chips are by Realtek and they do have some drivers that may provide some functionality but don't give you the control panel that you may have had with Vista.

As aegis1 suggested in the other thread you should run SIW. It should provide more detail on your sound chip.

Below is a link.

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January 11, 2009 at 02:30:42
may sound stupid, i know, but since i am subscribed on other forums to, its easy to remember xD

you think its an idea to send an e-mail to realtek and ask for a driver?

well, lesson learned. i actually found drivers for my computers, but they dont seem to work. another problem, both in SIW and in Device Manager, no sound chip is showed, it is as if the computer dont have any.

should i download and innstall the drivers from the link?

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January 11, 2009 at 07:03:26
You may not have the sound enabled in the BIOS. Or you do have the newest chip and the utilities don't know what to make of it. Usually they still generate something though.

To answer your question about Realtek. Realtek produces the physical chips. They write custom drivers for each application as required. The more features the motherboard maker wants the more detailed the drivers.

I highly doubt Realtek will be of any help to you.

Laptop HD sound is different than desktop. Generally desktop HD sound has 6 ports that are configured using the software. There are many variations of how those six ports can function. That is why the exact drivers are required. I don't think you have 6 ports for sound. Your laptop came with Vista. Microsoft has pressured vendors to NOT provide drivers for WinXP, even if they are available.

In some cases the vendors have convinced Microsoft to allow them to sell the computer with WinXP pre-installed. Those models will have drivers available. If they happen to share hardware components with another model the drivers may work even though they are intended for a different model.

Realtek is constantly designing new chips. Your laptop MAY have a chip that never had a full driver set written for WinXP. There is no easy way of determining that.

As stated Microsoft doesn't WANT WinXP on your laptop so the vendors are strongly discouraged from assisting you.

Your only chance is if your chip is shared by another model/brand that has a WinXP driver.

The issue of the sound not appearing in any snan utilities is discouraging. Are you sure you are using SIW correctly? You need to expand any heading that has promise and a + in front of it.

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January 11, 2009 at 12:48:19
id rather struggle to get xp to work than to get back vista, had a ton of problems that whent away when installing XP

il give realtek a try anyway, the worst thing that may happen is that they cant help me...

im sure i use SIW the right way.
can the problems be related to me having an outdated BIOS?

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January 11, 2009 at 13:27:28
How can the BIOS be outdated? This is a Vista computer. Can be that old. There is not reason to ever update your BIOS unless it can allow you to use hardware that you couldn't use before.

Is there a listing in SIW for a multimedia device? If so, post what it shows for that.

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January 11, 2009 at 13:45:40
got an message form vista update or problemshooter that either my BIOS wa outdated, the motherboard was to old for my prossesor++

there is a listing of varios things, with lots of numbers behind... would be easier with a picture, but can give a try to post the names:

media controller
older videorecording units
video kodeks
audio kodeks
older audiodrivers

translation may not be correct!

the numbers where far to long and intricate to post :S

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January 11, 2009 at 15:57:29
The only one of interest is the media controller. Copy and paste the information.

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January 12, 2009 at 01:48:19
Property Value
Status 0x0180000b Started
Problem 0x00000000 (0)
Service audstub
Capabilities 0x00000000
Config Flags 0x00000000
Manufacturer (Standard systemenheter)
Hardware IDs MS_MMMCI
Class GUID {4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}
Enumerator name ROOT
Description Mediekontrollenheter
Driver {4D36E96C-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}\0000
Physical Object Name \Device\0000002c
Install State 0x00000000

Device Configuration File wave.inf
InfPath wave.inf
InfSection MS_MMMCI
InfSectionExt .NT
ProviderName Microsoft
DriverDateData 00 80 62 C5 C0 01 C1 01
DriverDate 7-1-2001
DriverVersion 5.1.2535.0
MatchingDeviceId ms_mmmci
DriverDesc Mediekontrollenheter

Lyd-, video- og spillkontrollere
Installer32 MmSys.Cpl,MediaClassInstaller
EnumPropPages32 MmSys.Cpl,MediaPropPageProvider
TroubleShooter-0 hcp://help/tshoot/tssound.htm
Icon 3004

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January 12, 2009 at 07:26:59
problem solved!

innstalled SP3, and the audio is now working!

thanks for all the help :)

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January 12, 2009 at 08:19:55
That is good to know for the future. Glad you got it working.

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