Help OS (linux/XP) on Acer AA1, 8Gb SSD

February 7, 2010 at 23:50:52
Specs: Windows XP, Intel Atom / 1 GB

I have an Acer Aspire One with 8Gb SSD and 1Gb RAM originally with Linpus Linux Lite. My linux crashed and so I thought of restoring it or installing WinXP instead. I have 2 questions related to 2 different situations.

1. I tried restoring my linux using the Linpus recovery CD but I couldn't as it stalled indefinitely on the first step - it didnt even go to the parition table. How can I make it run ?

2. More apt for this forum: I want to install XP on my netbook and therefore I booted with my setup CD (AA1 boots from USB) but after 'copying all files" step finished, it asked to restart due to an error. I formatted my 8Gb SSD with FAT32 during the process. I hope my HDD has not crashed. Is there a tool which I can use to check my SSD's state (I do not have any OS installed on my netbook but I have two 2Gb USB drives)?


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February 8, 2010 at 07:13:11
Does that mean you have only 8Gig of hard drive space? The following link shows available space requirements for XP:

As far as your attempted install, I believe that you tried to install with a windows install CD without setting your BIOS boot order with the CD drive first. This allowed you to start the install, but when windows was ready to 'fix' the registry during a restart, it did not go back to the install CD, but it tried to start from a partially installed windows XP on the hard drive. The BIOS MUST boot back to the CD during two or 3 restarts to install XP completely.
With new hardware (Atom processor,motherboard, etc) you will not have the drivers for these on your XP install disk. IF they are available at all, you will need to have them available during install,BUT windows XP will not read them from USB during install (only floppy disk or inserted into a customized windows install CD)
I WOULD recommend go back to LINUX, OR use a copy of Windows 7 BASIC (the smallest install of windows 7).

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February 9, 2010 at 00:01:04
I would be inclined to avoid Windows 7 for the moment.... Based on earlier M$ OS launches... and regardless of all the "how vunderbar it's all said to be...." I'd wait until the bugs are sorted out first.... And also you may find it doesn't (yet if ever) have drivers for some of your kit?

Incidentally avoid like the plague the "Windows 7 starter" version; it's heavily locked down and strippd down too. To get a fully functioning version you have to "upgrade" it and that can cost anything from $80 upwards...; and also usually means you have to install/upgrade RAM... Many netbooks now come with the "starter" version and thus are no more than a limited options demo version...

Either try and get Linux back on it; or use proper XP CD and set system to boot first from CD etc...

Incidentally Acer often use a hot key combination to access a hidden partition for recovery purposes; and likewise may specific instructions re' any recovery CD/DVD you may have...? Have you checked you're setting about it correctly?

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