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Solved Help! Images Won’t Copy/Paste To Word From IE

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From 4 days ago I suddenly couldn’t do what I have always done – highlight and copy/paste part or a whole web document containing text and images into Word 2007 (Windows XP).

Not being able to download information (a daily occurrence) is driving me mad……so if anyone can HELP I’m open to some suggestions. Print screening and pasting via paint is too long winded!

The problem in detail: using IE I used to open a document, decide on what was useful, highlight it, then using the keyboard ‘Ctrl-c/Ctrl-v’ copy and paste it into a word (or occasionally a PowerPoint document). The same action now gives me text only – all in black Arial size 10 font (my standard for my own documents) – no images/photos, titles, headings, colour, or any formatting of the original document what-so-ever.

No-one has touched my computer and I have not changed any settings or fiddled with it – I have now spent hours trawling the net where I have found people encountering similar problems and have I tried the following:

1. Microsoft diagnostic repair……one item fixed…..restarted computer……problem not solved.

2. Print layout is on ……I have never needed to alter it.

3. Word Options, Display, Printing options, ‘Print dwgs created in word’……checked.

4. Word Options, Advanced, Show doc content, ‘Show field contents instead of their values’……clear (not checked).

5. Paragraph settings are all as before……no change there.

6. IE Tools, Internet Zone, Security setting, ‘Drag & Drop or copy and paste files’……enabled.

7. Clicking “Disable all macros without notifications” OK……doesn’t solve problem.

8. I’ve tried ‘Run’ “c:\programfiles\microsoftoffice\office12\winword.exe”/safe also on the ‘e’ drive……not really comfortable with this – but nothing happened as the program couldn’t be found.

I’m now at a loss and this frustrated Silver Blonde would really appreciate help from some genius computer guru.

Many thanks

Oooops I did print screen & paste the various windows/menus/tabs but they haven’t come through on this site!


1 Answer

  1. Here is what i did to solve the problem.

    1. Office Button => Word Options
    2. Advance => Cut, copy, and paste
    3. Pasting from other programs: *change it to anything other than Keep Source Formatting (Default).
    4. Ok and exit out.

    Repeat 1 to 3, but this time pick Keep Source Formatting (Default).

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