HDD not detected in BIOS

Seagate / Sata 80gb hdd
July 25, 2009 at 00:35:22
Specs: Windows XP
hi buddy! I face a tedious problem..

[B]My system configuration[/B]:
Intel P4,
512 MB DDR1,
Intel 915GAV,
80GB seagate sata,

The system generally start up and works at slower speed than usual,it suddenly restarts.
When it restarts, it shows an error message "[B]Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device[/B]

I tried to reinstall XP many times... even ch the same eror message..

While installing XP, the setup files are being copied, n while it reeboots in 15 seconds, the HDD is not detected... Even if it is detected and installed, the same "Reboot and select....... problem persists"....

I thought, it's problem eith the hard disk, and BOUGHT A NEW HARDDISK, even with the new harddisk, before and after installing XP , the "Reeboot problem" existed...

And after installing all XP, drivers and MS office (only these three), the system responded but slower, once when i installed Nokia PC suite, it showed an error message "FULL PAGE WITH [B]BLUE BACKGROUND[/B]"-"white letters mentioning [B]DUMP MEMORY ERROR[/B] and "like ' if you get this prob for d first time.,,, blah ,blah,blah"

and with my old 80GB hdd i hear beeps at regular intervals, but not with the replaced new 250 GB HDD..
plz help me

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July 25, 2009 at 01:56:34
knightwarrior007, just a SWAG, what you describe sounds memory related to me. A common ailment is a file called 'index.dat'. It gets read every time and can take quite a while if it’s too bloated. It's like a log file and keeps a record of every site you visit on the web. Empty, it's 32K, but it can grow HUGE. It's a protected file and can't be deleted by normal methods. CCleaner (free @: http://www.ccleaner.com/) can get rid of it when it’s ticked (not to worry, it gets rebuilt EMPTY on the next boot.). May not be your deal at all, but won't hurt if not.
Ed in Texas.

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July 25, 2009 at 09:03:17
CPU is overheating & throttling.

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