Hard disk data recovery + HELP need

Assembled pc / Processor intel 1.8 ghz
April 20, 2009 at 21:45:03
Specs: Windows XP
dear sir ,
I use 40 GB Seagate Hard disk as Secondary hard disk to store my data. it worked without error even when i used it to move my data from i PC to another PC.
now BIOS used to detect this Hard disk, but the PC hangs during the boot process itself
when i remove this hard disk from PC , then the PC functions normally.
PLEASE suggest me how can i recover my DATA from this Hard disk.

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April 21, 2009 at 00:48:39
Have you verified/checked the drive jumpers are correct?

If using Master/Slave arrangement, and both drives are on the same ribbon, check it is set as Slave, and actual Master (first) drive is set as Master with Slave...

And of course enure you have the drive's power connector attached too...?

If using cable select ensure second drive is physically in the middle of the ribbon. This link discuses/explains the different ways to cable up a drive etc...


If still no joy when you have the drive correctly jumpered/connected... post back?

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April 21, 2009 at 00:55:56
I agree, when you used the hard drive to move things on another computer you must have had to reset the jumpers. Put them back to what they were before or it is possible that the new harddrive needs its jumper set from master to master with slave. as this will also cause the same effect.

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April 22, 2009 at 00:30:28
Thank you for replying.
I have not changed any setting of jumper. all the things are same - same jumper settings, same cable and the same Ribbon settings with the power cable. Problem is that the hard disk which i was using as Secondary one , suddenly started hanging the boot process. i tried to run the PC in safe mode also, but it HANGS. i checked - the BIOS : though it clearly detects the Secondary hard disk (with its serial number and Name, etc.) BUT it hangs the Boot process as soon as i make exit from Bios Set up. so at present i have removed that hard drive and the PC is working as good as it used to work earlier.
Here i need help to get the data back from that Secondary Hard disk.
Thank you.

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Related Solutions

April 22, 2009 at 02:51:44
One possibility... connect the drive via a usb adapter (which can be connected "after" the system has boot up as per norm)?

Another "might" be to use a Knoppix/Ubuntu cd (Linux variants on a CD). Boot system with that - set CD to first boot item. Drive can be there as Slave to first Master; possibly even as sole drive - temp installed as Primary Master? One may then be able to access the drive's contents via either config?

Another possible temp solution might be to install drive as Secondary Master - with/without a Slave (CD etc.)? Leave system to boot off First/Primary Master. In this case ensure that jumpers are all correct - especially if you move or change CD status?

If you can get a copy of the Sysinternals ERD Commander (last Sysinternal published version was 2005) you may be able to use that to access/recover data etc; and maybe also fix the problem? It's now part of M$-land and they haven't made a more recent version than ERD2005; but appear to have buried "their" latest version of it all in a utilities pack only available to TechNet Registered manufacturers or similar.

Barts PE(?) Bootdisk is said to be very simlar too these days; so perhaps it may suffice - and that is (free?) at least available to all...

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