got blue screen

Intel D955xcs motherboard
October 29, 2009 at 07:46:58
Specs: Windows XP
hey m getting very serios problem ....when i usually play counter strike 1.6 on internet then after 20-30 mins my pc hanged for few seconds and then immediately i got a blue screen on which sumthing wrote like PHYSICAL DUMB Memory .... ... i dunno wat to do wid this problm...i reinstall xp n driver but alwyz screwd up by this blue screen :( plz sum1 temme d soln for this blue screen problm.

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October 29, 2009 at 11:19:58
I'd suspect a hardware problem. Have you got your system overclocked? - if so set it to defaults. Does the system restart straight away? - if not then it may be a heat issue. You don't give any specs for your hardware, but if you are using Crossfire then try reverting to a single card just to see if the problem stops. Have you got a powerful enough PSU?

Unfortunately blue screens don't always give enough info for troubleshooting so it's a matter of checking each component & seeing which one is causing the failure.

Incidentally, text-speak is just plain annoying on forums like this, plain English gets a better response....

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October 29, 2009 at 22:15:44
hey thx johnr :) but i dunt kno hw 2 chek system overclocking... n my system doesnt restart aftr tat blue screen but instead of tat physical dump memory starts...usually after this i just switch off d power n after sum time i again start my pc....but the thing is tat i always got screwed up by this problem while m playing counter strike 1.6 on net otherwise my pc works well ... n i also dunt kno about PSU :(....n all d components r implicitly on mother board ... i only have sound card which is explicitly used by me on a slot on mothr board but m using this sound card from last 2 yrs ...i never got this kinda problm :(

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