Getting around admin password of IBM NetVista

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January 10, 2010 at 13:29:19
Specs: ibm with windows xp pro on it
my dad had just bought a ibm netvista from a auction at a out of bisness car dealer we brought the computer home and found out that we need a password we went back to the car dealers and they dident have very good info i been looking all over for a way to get around this i am going to say now what i cant or will do to this computer. 1.I can boot in safe mode but cant get to the guest account 2. the computer was allready wiped clean so i guss i could do it again but i realy dont want to i am geting a major headack form this thing the computer is for my uncle so i want this think to work for him i need straight up answers things that worked also note control ant deleat dose not wor to get to the clasic login i need hep befor i bas this thing to peaces also note that this is a ibm so dell tricks will not work thanks nasd9

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January 10, 2010 at 13:47:04
Try Lenovo site for help.

Just some little background FYI: In April 2000 the IBM Network Station product line was renamed to IBM NetVista. It was withdrawn in April 2002 from the market with no replacement


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January 10, 2010 at 16:03:42
Since you just bought the system, it shouldn't have any data that you care about so you can re-load it. Most NetVista systems have recovery & diagnostics loaded on a separate hard drive partition. Unlike some other manufacturers, this partition is usualy hidden (you can't see it from the My Computer menu).

Just re-start the system and watch for the following prompt:
To start the Product Recovery Program, press F11
...and Press F11 while this message is displayed.

When the Product Recovery menu appears, look for one of the two following options, depending upon your model of NetVista:
Full Recovery
Factory Contents

This will format the C: drive and reload Windows and all the original software. When completed, the system will look like it did when it first came from the factory. You can then restart it and set everything up the way you want to.

For information about your specific model, go to the Lenovo web site here:
...on this page, in the "Enter a product number" field, enter the 4 digit machine type and 3-digit model number from the serial number tag to navigate to the support page for your model. Then, select "User's Guides and Manuals" on the left.
Download the Hardware Maintenance Manual.
In the HMM, search for "Product Recovery". This section will contain detailed information about the recovery process for your specific model.

-- kptech

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