first desktop disabled, now .exe files!

Microsoft Windows xp home edition sp2b
October 11, 2009 at 22:01:55
Specs: Windows XP
hello everyone..! my name is Jacinda. Two days ago my desktop disappeared and the right click was also disabled. This has happened before and in order to fix it I went on Safe Mode made the necessary changes in the registry (I checked out a tutorial) and it worked PERFECTLY fine. This time I tried to do the same tutorial, however it didn't work, it just got worse..! Now the following things have been happening (OR NOT HAPPENING) on my pc:

I cannot run ANY anti Virus, spyware or trojan removal

-I cannot download ANYTHING and install it..This even includes something simple like java or adobe flash player...!

-Windows Installer ALWAYS has an error.

-I've tried to go to task manager to start explorer by typing in "explorer.exe" only to have the pc pop up with an error msg saying that it cannot find the file! (I see the file in C: drive in the Windows folder)

-I've read tutorials and tried COPYING, PASTING & RENAMING explorer.exe. The pc does not "allow" me to do this.

-I ran an online scan and found over 800 problems in the registry!! When I registered for the program after the scan, windows installer would NOT let it download! So I cannot delete these errors!

-I've at least downloaded and "attempted" to install about 12 virus removal software and nothing works.

-Also, booting on safe mode does NOT seem to work. I still have the same problems on safe mode!

The last thing I remember doing that I found funny, before my pc started receiving all these errors was downloading flash player for my web browser, Mozilla Firefox. It would download and when double-clicked would take me to MSDOS and not install. The window would open and quickly close. I was not able to see what was exactly happening since it happened so fast.

I've spent my entire weekend reading and trying tutorials, but absolutely nothing has worked. Any help will be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you so much for reading. sorry for the long post!

ALSO: I know i'm supposed to put some type of log here for you guys to check out, but I don't know which program to use, since nothing installs! Please help!!

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October 12, 2009 at 03:18:56
jacindah, I may be all wet, but it sounds to me like a nasty at work. My guess is that at the same time you updated Flash, you got it.
Since you can't DL a cleaner, that makes it a lot harder. Can you restore to a time prior? If so you can get a cleaner. If not, what if you use another machine for the DL and create a CD to run on your machine? In any case you'll wanna disable restore when you run the cleaner so it doesn't get put back.
Ed in Texas.

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October 12, 2009 at 03:24:01
hello: it sounds like your system has a very nasty virus infection, or possibly more than one. If it were myself,
I would first of all NOT attempt to use the operating system
on the boot-drive. If possible, (i'm unfam. with winXP), boot
from a CD or a (gasp! does anyone still have these? "FLOPPY DRIVE"). other option is to make the drive
a slave on another computer, but you will risk infecting that
computer, so make sure you (or whoever's computer is to
be the "Master") understand the risks. I would not try to do
anything else with the drive if you value it's contents, as
the virus could easlily hammer your fats and thus destroy
access to the drive (other than specialists in recovery). My
suggestion is to try and make the drive a slave on an
expendable but capable system, such as dos 6.22 or
expendable windows and then run all the virus scans off
the master to clean the slave. Be sure not to copy anything,
ESPECIALLY dll, exe or sys files off the infected drive.
others in this forum prob'ly have much more expreience and
better advice, this is only "what I would do". good luck

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October 12, 2009 at 04:58:29

I don't assemble a computer without a floppy drive. Still a necessity IMO.

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