Files gone after shutting down

June 8, 2009 at 11:18:40
Specs: Windows XP

So, I have been getting this screen: for some time now. But yesterday, I turned off my laptop and I left it in shutting down mode. So today i wake up and see that it's still in shutting down mode, so me being mad that i stayed on all night i decide to turn it off manually. Now when I arrive back from school i turn on the laptop it gives me the exact same screen again, only this time when i click "run", it runs the thing but after i finishes running i see that my desktop has changed, none of my files are on the desktop, in my documents or anywhere, it's just like a new laptop. The only thing is that I can still see some programs that I had installed on it, and that my local disk still shows that I only have 400mb left of the 70gb.

Now, I googled and got this site and searched for my problem and got one that said that i needed to run chkdsk, so I did that, nothing happened or i dont know if something was supposed to happen but anyway, when i restart the computer again it says something about profile corrupted or missing or something along those lines on the login screen.

Can anyone help, tell me if you need more info. My biggest concern is that some of my files, music and some other small important stuff might've been deleted because of this...

Thanks in advance. :)

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June 8, 2009 at 12:01:02
According to what I could find,bf 123.exe is a virus. Try updating your virus scanner and run it. I would suggest turning off restore points and booting to Safe Mode. Tap the F8 key while the machine is booting and when the screen appears, choose Safe Mode. Once in Safe Mode, run your virus and trojan scanner. If it cleans it out, you can then safely turn restore points back on if you choose.

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June 8, 2009 at 12:02:12
As the program bf123.exe appears to be something bogus, it looks like your harddrive's been screwed in some way. Your best option is to remove the drive & slave it into another pc so that you can see if your data is recoverable. If it is then save as much as you can & do a clean reinstall. Because you left it so long the chances are that even if you can get around this problem, there are others waiting.

edit: Have to admit I only looked for bf123.exe, rather than bf 123.exe so it may just be a 'simple' virus problem, but either way, slaving it to another pc will at least let you do a full scan and get back your data.

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June 8, 2009 at 12:51:26
You need to start by running chkdsk correctly.

Go to Start and Run. Type in cmd and hit enter. Black command line box opens up. Type chkdsk /r and answer yes to the question. Exit and restart your computer. Check disk will run.

This will test for file table and physical disk corruption. It will correct errors when found.

You corrupted your profile by doing the manual shutdown.

How this happens is your logon/profile has files open and they are not closed properly or the file system is updating things and with the power out only half an operation took place.

Chkdsk can usually correct this and you can then logon to your profile.

If your profile is hosed you can create a new one then copy the profiles contents to your new profile. This will fix the profile most times.

Since you have been getting this bf123.exe message for some time, and have run it, it is not a virus. This isn't how they operate.
Do a search of your hard drive for that file and see if you can see what program it is associated with.

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June 8, 2009 at 15:29:15
Thanks to everyone for the (very very) quick reply, especially wanderer since because of his post, my laptop is now back to normal! :D

About the bf123.exe, i'll have to look into that I guess. But again, thanks for replies guys. :)

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