Files converted to files, how to undo this?

July 15, 2009 at 12:42:07
Specs: Windows XP
I have a external HDD that i connect to my router so i can use it over a home network.
a while ago i purchassed a bigger HDD so to transfer the data from the older HDD to the newer i connected the older HDD to my pc and the newer in the external HDD case.
windows xp changed some files to folders.
(the extern HDD case, i call it server as its own system, because it works only in FAT32 and so files bigger than 4GB can't get on the HDD it splits the files, but when i used that HDD with windows xp, xp saw it as folders with files inside. how can i convert the folder back to files?

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July 15, 2009 at 12:48:56
files copied from ntfs to fat32 NEVER split. Error message comes up instead saying there is not enough room to copy the file.

Files NEVER become folders.

What you describe is disk corruption or a corrupted software copy utility [3rd party not windows]

You do have backups of these files correct?

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July 15, 2009 at 14:20:17
" files bigger than 4GB can't get on the HDD it splits the files..."

... if you split the files yourself using a specific program and know the filenames you could try below if nothing else works or perhaps try the method on a small file... but use an anti-corruption software first!

... NDD.exe .. dos "Norton disk doctor" might be good for that, best to boot-up to the drive and just run it... got me out of a fix in the past!
... try command prompt and navigate to the file ie..

... when in command prompt "say" from start run

(type) cmd [*press ENTER]

(type)CD\ [*ENTER].... you should see drive letter C:\>

... change to target drive (if x) letter X: [ENTER]

... navigate by typing...CD Namedfolder [ENTER]

... which will Change Directory to Namedfolder

... or...CD Namedfolder\folder with space\3rd folder [ENTER]

... if... X:\Namedfolder\folder with space\3rd folder\target<<<

... if target is the altered file navigate to "3rd folder" then type

DIR [ENTER] ...which will list the DIRectories (folders) as <DIR> names

... check to see if target has an extension

... files will not have <DIR> before them and will have an extension ie... filename.exe

... so if the target-file does not have an extension you could try to rename it you remember the extension?

... if the target-file was target.avi (type)

ren target target.avi [ENTER]

... this renames the altered file "target" to target.avi ... if it will allow you(?) navigate backwards (type) CD.. [ENTER]

... that is with two >>..<< dots

... ps.... this may not work!



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