explorer wont start

January 22, 2009 at 08:21:38
Specs: Windows XP, 2.3/512
Hello, my dell desktop 4 years old, 80 on harddrive, 512 on ram had caught a vrus before christmas. Had AVG installed, but AVG didnt catch it. Computer was running slow and internet explorer windows just shut down. I installed mcafee virus prog, it caught it and deleted it. I'm not sure but I think it was that virus that attached itself to Internet Exp.
Since then all programs run very slowly and explorer wont connect. In fact I downloaded Mozilla setup from my other computer on disc and loaded it. Mozilla wont connect either. When you try to open either of them nothing happens. The computer is run off a usb adapter that runs off of router on other computer. Had alway worked fine in past up to now.
I uninstalled the router adapter program and re-installed it, says has strong connection yet explorer or mozilla still will not open the internet. After installing Mozilla I uninstalled Explorer 6. Was that a mistake? Do I need Explorer to run Mozilla?
While reloading the router program, computer was very sluggish, had to restart the load process 3 times before it took. Before I got deeper involved I know my daughter had tried some things, one o them was a page that displayed the ports accessable for connection?? This I'm not very knowledge of. Also we had deleted all music, pictures etc from files, only info on computer is the programs. Not sure if if would have made a difference in connecting to internet.
While I am knowlegeable on loading programs and computer maintenance, I am not however knowlegeable on the flow process when it comes to microsoft windows/explorer. Any help would be great. Daryl

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January 23, 2009 at 02:57:27
lunn, "I uninstalled Explorer 6" and your complaint is that it won't run? Seems to me it'd be pretty hard to run an uninstalled program.
I was under the impression that IE was an integral part of Windows and couldn't be deleted? Suspect you have a completely different issue. When you did the McAfee scan, did you disable 'restore' first? If not, the nasty got put back and you're right back where you started. Just for chuckles, disable it and scan again. Can't hurt - might help.
Ed in Texas.

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