Error 1706 Microsoft Office 2007

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August 3, 2010 at 06:58:00
Specs: Windows XP, Core 2 duo CPU E 4500 @ 2.20 GHz and RAM is 2.0 GB
In my PC, XP SP3 and Office 2007 is Installed and was working fine. But since last two day it is observed that when I start Astrology or CD catalog software means when I make a double click on the short cut of the software at desktop icon a following message is display.

FAST.lib 2000 for windows.

The feature you are trying to use in on a network resource that is unavailable.

Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing the installation package 'FASTLib.msi' in the box below.

Use source

After that when I press cancel tab a small window appears which says that

Please wait while window configures FAST.lib 2000 for windows

And nothing happens

And then when I press cancel tab the following message display.

Error 1706. No valid source could be found for product FSAT.lib 2000 for windows. The windows installer cannot continue.

Then I press OK tab.

When these process I do for Five times then only that particular software gets start.

These trouble stars since last two days.

Please explain how to fix this problem of error 1706.... No valid source could be found for product FAST.lib 2000 for windows.

I had uninstalled and then reinstalled Office 2007 but problem does not resolved.

I had make a search on web and microsoft support site and MSDN site but solution of the above problem is not available.

Please help me to solve this problem.

If you want I am ready to put or post screen shot step by step for the said problem.

I will be very thankful if anybody find and give me solution for fixing the said problem.

You may mail me the solution at my below mentioned mail address.

Thanking you in anticipation.

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August 8, 2010 at 22:08:46
Windows Error 1706 occurs when there is a problem with Microsoft Windows. The Error are often critical system errors caused by corrupt and missing registry data. This error must be fixed immediately to prevent further damage to the Windows, such as system not responding, blue screens, can't open programs...

To fix this Problem you need to clean with any Registry Cleaner.

Also I give you one Registry Cleaner download Link Below

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August 9, 2010 at 02:07:40

Don't believe everything Karthick has written in Response Number 1. It's spam and a sales pitch selling you snake oil. In reality your problem is not related to Windows Registry.

The link below offers some excellent ideas worth pursuing..


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