DVD-RRW Drive problem

March 1, 2011 at 06:32:26
Specs: Windows XP SP3
After performing a successful System Recovery on my HP Pavilion t3550uk Desktop, the DVD Drive would not recognise/play all Discs previously played. The Drive is HL-DT-ST DVDRRW GSA H21L. OS is XP Home SP3. Device Maager says the Device is "working normally"---except it isn't.
I did all the logical things like checking Drive Letter, deleted Lower Filter values (no Upper values), cleaned the Drive(Air blast) checked connections. All Discs checked on Ext. Drive--OK! Next uninstalled/reinstalled the Driver--Firmware L702 Updated. Uninstalled/reinstalled Soft Modem/Drive. Same for Codecs. Nothing solves the problem.
The Drive plays Audio, Media CDs (but not DVDs)--ie from Magazines--it plays DVD-R (wedding photos slideshow) It will write to CD-R (Bootable CD written in PC Doctor) It wont play a DVD film ( Streisand Concert) or a DVD-Video film.
The PC Doctor tests are all passed 100% for CDs and DVDs of all types--Audio/Music CD, CD +/-R/RW DVD+/-.R/RW . Something happened at the Recovery process, before that it was perfect--played everything. Now no DVDs of any kind! According to Drive Spec. it should also Read/Write DVD-RAM, but it wont do that either.( I don't know if it did before Recovery---never required) Tried to write to DVD-RAM by unchecking "Enable CD Recording on this Drive"
in the Drive Properties--but that didn't help. and changed it back. I then noticed that the Drive name in My Computer has changed from DVD-RRW to DVD-RAM! Why is that?
Contacted HP Total Care---which produced the same suggestions as I already carried out.
Their conclusion is---the Drive has developed a physical fault, and needs replacing. I think it is Software--not Hardware, but I don't know what else I can do---apart from replacing. Don't want to do that though. It's an IDE Drive---and only SATAs are available locally.

Anyone any ideas?

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March 1, 2011 at 10:47:09
It plays DVD-R (wedding photo slideshow)
Now no DVDs of any kind!

Which is it?

Is AutoPlay turned ON for this device? If so, what default action is selected?

For testing the hardware: You could try a "used" IDE DVD drive (should be really inexpensive) in this PC or borrow one temporarily... OR test this drive in another PC. Either of these tests would go a long way in getting to an evidence-based hardware diagnosis.

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March 2, 2011 at 01:31:02
IMpatient---It plays the DVD-R Slideshow---but no COMMERCIAL DVDs!
Of course Autoplay is TURNED ON!
I only have the one PC, and I don't have any possibility to obtain a used IDE DVD Drive to carry out your suggested tests---revealing as they might be.
Also, I am a semi-disabled pensioner---can't get about as easily as I once could, to hunt up such items, even if they were available.

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March 3, 2011 at 05:42:04
IMpatient--a friend found me a working/used IDE DVD Drive and I've checked the operation using the same Discs as in the problem DVD Drive---Drive was recognised in My Computer/Device Manager without problems ---but situation remains the same. This has to be Software failure somewhere. If I could find a new IDE Device, I think I would install it and forget the problem, but what's the guarantee that it would function if it's a Software problem?

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