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Solved DVD Won’t Play Store Bought DUAL LAYER DVD Movies

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I have trouble shooted this problem extensively and researched it to death and tried all the things below. I sure would appreciate some help. Dvd plays everything EXCEPT store bought DUAL LAYER DVD movies. Plays; burned movies, burned data CD & DVD disks, and single layer DVD store bought disks.
Will NOT play store bought dual layer Dvd s.
It HAS to be a software or driver problem but as you can see below I have tried everything twice. I would really appreciate an answer that would not include upgrading to win7 *s*

Intel dual core 2.66
bus speed 333
2 gigs ram
sound max
NVIDIA Geforce 8400gs
LG DVD cd writer + firmware update for version 1 and older;
lg-GSA-H54N LGDVD driver release 10_13_2009 GSA-H54N_1.02

Windows XP Pro
Service pack 3
Nero ASPI installed and OK
system ASPI not installed
Slysoft ANYDVD ver 7.
DVD X player

Uninstalled Dvd drive from devices , rebooted.No joy.
Removed upper and lower filters from registry, uninstalled dvd drive from devices, rebooted, no joy.
Updated specific firmware from LG.
Repeated steps above. No Joy , No joy,

Updated Shockwave, and java, rebooted. no joy.
installed DVD X player, rebooted no joy.
Upgraded VLClan player. Rebooted no joy.
Double checked all IDE configs in devices. = fine.
checked properties for dvd drive of course= fine.
checked the dvd drive was MASTER and alone on cable,.
No joy.
Replace ribbon cable. No Joy.
Checked right thru all bios settings.= nothing wrong.
Ran NERO cd/dvd tester all is fine. Everything is supposed to be good and enabled.
Checked LG model and it IS dual layer capable.

Copied all relevant CD sys files from old winxp drive to new drive, reboot.. no joy.
I have always used WINAVI full suit, currently Nero delux 7 (getting old but worked on other xp system) and prefer NTI cd suite, also have Cyberlink DVD suite.
All these I have used for years on my old PC, all work fine now EXCEPT the dvd drive will not recognize a dual layer store bought dvd. WTH???

I use my PC for playing movies. Id like to be able to play the dual layer ones I bought.
Thank you


I byte. 😀


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  1. “Frankly that wouldnt surprise me. Everybody is all out to make money on every single little change to format/software/electronics/ Im sure its easy to overlook something like this and /or package it wrong”
    Being a business, all they are doing is trying to survive & responding to customer demand, mainly price.

    I’m here.…

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