Do I need to set the region setting

January 15, 2009 at 17:08:44
Specs: Windows XP SP2, AthlonXP 2400+ / 512 MB

I have a Sony DRU 190A DVD writer. Is it necessary to set the region settings on it? Right now, it says "Not Selected". I understand that I need to set it to be able to read recorded DVDs which are region specific. When I write to a DVD, I don't see it in explorer unless I reboot the system. Will setting the region setting help to solve this problem? I saw this reply in the FAQ section of Sony but I am not able to understand if setting a region will solve this problem or not.

Will setting the region have any effect on whether I am able to write to blank DVD RW from certain vendors? Sorry if this is a stupid question.

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January 15, 2009 at 20:59:53
I might be wrong here but i think region settings were reigned in last year...meaning that they were not required to be set anymore. Some DVD drives still support regional settings and so must be set still in order to read/write to the area.

On some drives the settings were not set because of the shipping to different areas and one is only allowed 4 it was left upon the consumer to set the regional settings for the first time.
This is probably what you are experiencing I would say to set them to your location.

There is a good chance that it will solve your problem from the DVD's not being seen till you reboot as well!

In reference to 11/05/2008

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January 16, 2009 at 10:16:01
Not heard that region settings have been dished (as per OtH suggestion) - but who knows; hopefully it is so? But presuming they haven't... then set it to your local area and leave it there. I'm not aware that you need to set it actually record a DVD; at least that was my experience with Matshata drive in an Acer Aspire... It recorded fine without a region set - but did require a region set to play disks...

However the Panasonic/Mats---a series are a pain in the playback mode as their region settings cannot be overridden via software that will do just that; as in negate (by-pass) region settings on disks requiring a region other than that of the dvd-unit involved at the time... AnyDVD ( is an excellent util to this end, and appears to work with "most" dvd-units... but not the Mats---a (and neither do any of the other similar utils....). AnyDVD effectively allows you to set your DVD unit region once and leave it there; then with that util installed/enabled you can play etc. any region disk without changing region settings on the dvd-unit. However - to re-iterate - if you were to have a Mats---a unit - either you change/replace it (it's possible to install a few others in its place - usually); or you set it your region and have an external dvd-unit (which will work with AnyDVD) and set that to a region of your preference?

The Slysoft util does get around nicely the max of five region sets/changes overall; set it once and leave/save the remaining four for real emergencies?

For example: I have an internal Mats---a set to region-2; and an external Liteon set to region-1 - and thus don't need AnyDVD for the most part. But if I do need to use AnyDVD then it works fine with the Liteon kit; and I can source/play any DVD with that, and then dub etc. to/via the Mats---a as region free (or any other) with other suitable software. Thus (apparently) confirming that region settings do not have an input when recording disks?

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