disable usb device not recognized pop up in w

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November 9, 2009 at 11:01:24
Specs: Win XP Media Center, Turion 64 1.8Ghz

I keep getting a "USB device not recognized" pop up from the taskbar and I would like to disable it.

I have googled and yahoo'd the Subject that I have posted and did not come up with much that would benefit me.

I have no tab or check box if I were to select the device properties and disable notification and I did delete a file and hope that when I reconnected the device, all would be well. I have set the no ballon popup setting in the registry but I guess this USB pop up does not fall into that category(because the pop up still occurs).

The device works fine, it is just really annoying when I am playing a game and the pop up keeps popping up, I will close it and BANG!....pop up.

Is there a registry edit to fix this?

The device works ok. I am pretty sure it is the new USB hub i have attached... and I think that because it is a 2.0 and my laptop usb ports are 1.0, that is porbably the reason. All my USB devices work, including the ones that are attached to the usb hub.

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November 9, 2009 at 17:07:53
I assume the hub isn't powered? In that case, there may be excessive power drain on the USB port the hub is connected to. This can cause an intermittent connection for one or more devices, and Windows can't get a sensible response from those, so you get the message. Memory sticks can use a fair bit of power, as can devices that charge off the USB connection. Try disconnecting one by one to isolate the culprit, though as I said,it may just be the number that's connected in total. Solution would be to get a powered hub.

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