Dell laptop won't boot to recovery cd

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April 21, 2010 at 20:40:44
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Hello! Thank you for reading my post.

I have a DELL Inspiron 9300. My original hard
disk (60GB) was giving me problems. Two
days ago, I tried to start the computer but it
would go to the Windows XP screen and then
load a blank (or black) screen. I tried rebooting
a couple of times but it still happened.

Today, I went out got and new one (320GB). I
formatted it on another computer to give me
two different partitions (~120GB each) so I can
do a fresh install on one of them using the
recovery cd. Here comes the problem.

When I didn't have the hard drive in the
computer, the recovery cd would work fine.
The blue installation screen would pop up and
tt would go all the way to the "install a fresh
copy of Windows XP" option before telling me
that I didn't have a hard disk installed.

When I did have the hard drive in the computer
and the recovery cd in the cd-rom drive, it
would go through this:

windows xp boot screen
"system is checking your hardware
blank/black screen
and its been like this for 30 minutes.

Any ideas?

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April 23, 2010 at 18:41:21
You need to get dell advice. See owners manual or call dell. The problem is not all disks are true xp install disks. Some only use a partition on the original hard drive and simply boot from the cd. It might be that your partition caused this. Try to make it as it was from the factory and try again. While you are at it you may need to look for a hidden partition on the old drive. You may need to copy that to the new disk.

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April 24, 2010 at 02:04:57
The recovery disk likely is looking for a hidden partition that is usually at the physical start of the hard-drive. Your original (Dell supplied/installed/configured) drive had that partition; you new/replacement drive doesn't...

If you re-install the original drive you may be able to resolve problems with the installation there; after-which you could clone it to the new drive - eeven if there is something amiss (as in failing) with the old drive long term?

Also usually you can invoke a recover process (withut the deaded recovery disk) via F11 on a Dell system. But be aware that it may allow only destructive recovery rotuine - all data is lost... There will be (usually) a menu of sorts lisiting what is possible.


If there is "stuff" (data etc.) on the original drive you'd like to preserve... then deal with that first. Re-install the original drive; boot up system with a linux variant on a cd/dvd - knoppix and ubuntu are the usual flavours suggested.

Copy data off the drive to optical-media; even a second partition on the second drive? Verify you can access/read teeehose cooies too - on at least one other working system. Then proceed to resolve assorted problems?

Also if you contact Dell I think they may help you to either create that hidden partition afresh on teh new drive; or send you proper Dell badged XP disk (proper/full version...). Have seen references/suggestion re' this option too - when that hidden partition isn't available (usually on a new drive of course).

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