Dell laptop stuck shift key

Dell Dell latitude d830 notebook compute...
December 28, 2009 at 07:50:03
Specs: Windows XP
i've got a really wierd problem.
my computer thinks the shify key is stuck.
i cleaned the keyboard, took the key physically out, cancelled the 'sticky-keys' option, tried EVERYTHING.. went on other forums and found out it's a known problem with dell mostly.
the problem shows up at random, meaning if i restart the computer, it's alright.. for about 5 minutes or so.
the computer just thinks i'm pressing it, and i had to install a program that enables me to disable keys so now i can't even write a question mark or nearly any other symbol.
what can i do... 'question mark' ;S
it works ok now

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December 28, 2009 at 08:51:53
Try a known good keyboard.

If it fails then return unit to dell.

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December 28, 2009 at 09:24:21
Presumably you have taken the Keyboard apart and removed the actually plastic cover of sed key(s)? After-which you cleaned both the shift key(s) cover(s) and its associated plastic parts - very carefully... Also that you cleaned the actually flexible ribbon style mat which is the actual keyboard pcb as it were. Note the the "slightest" trace of muck (of any sort) on "any" of the tracks on that "ribbon" can produce problems similar to yours - for any key associated with the affected track(s); and it's not always that the affected tracks are immediately adjacent to the affected key(s).

Use a hand lens to carefully inspect everything on that "ribbon/mat" and carefully remove anything that isn't part of the track(s); which is stuff that can cross-link two or more tracks. Likewise really ensure that there is absolutely nothing to prevent the key cover/press sliding easily and freely "both in and out..." If it/they stick in either direction then there is somethings within the pathway that didn't orta be...

If this is a system under warranty contact Dell and ask for (and perhaps insist on) a replacement keyboard?

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