Deleted Files and partition space!!

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December 8, 2009 at 09:27:25
Specs: Windows XP Pro
I have a 40GB Hard Drive partitioned into two windows xp partitions and one hidden recovery partition. The C: Drive has my bootable Windows XP(16 GB),the F: Drive has a 19GB Non-bootable Windows XP logical partition, 1 GB is used by the hidden recovery partition. Recently, I downloaded big files to my non-bootable partition, extracted and zipped them into CD Size files for burning. After burning I deleted all these files BY Right Clicking on them then delete or highlighted them then used the Delete Key on the keyboard, ran disk clean up and then fragmented the non-bootable partion. To my surprise, the volume on the non-bootable partition shrank exponentially from almot 15 GB free space to 2GB. No matter how many times I cleaned the partition, fragmented it. These deleted files are still taking space from the partition and I don't seem to know where they reside. I cleaned the recycler that is showing in the same partition but to no avail. My question is, where do the deleted files in a non-bootable partition go after being deleted? Certainly, they don't go to C: Drive recycle bin because I already checked there.I even tried to work from Safe Mode but no luck yet. The volume is shrinking exponentially and every file I delete still subtracts from the partition's volume although when I selected all showing and hidden files, the volume is not even 10% of what is used from the partition.

If it matters here is some extra info:
* I am using, a company's Toshiba Tecra lab top and I am not the administrator.
* The cluster size on both the C: and F: are the typical 4k or 4096 bytes for XP. I thought of reducing this size to 512 bytes at least in the non-bootable to see if that helps any.
* These burnings/deletings happened when I was off the company's network which runs Trend Micro Client Server Security Agent, so definitely these deleted files are somewhere on this non-bootable partition or somewhere else on this hard drive.

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December 8, 2009 at 09:38:48
do not change the cluster size unless you want to make a boat anchor out of your laptop.

Having seen this type of post thousands of time I can assure you when you cleared recycle bin the files went away [unless you have a utility like Norton protected recycle bin that still retains deleted files which you have to clear via the utility]

First step is to do a search on all files on the extended partition. Then sort according to file date. Review what files were created during the time you have seen less available disk space.

This should give you a clue what is taking up the room and possibly what program its related to.

I would also recommend running chkdsk /f on the partition just to rule out disk corruption.

Your smartest move would be to have the company IT dept review your laptop.

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