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December 16, 2009 at 23:56:43
Specs: Windows XP

I have two partitions on my hard drive. On the 1st partition I had windows 98 and on the second partition I have windows XP. I wanted to format both the partitions and install a new windows XP. But I had to take backup from both the partitions so I took my backup from C: drive (having windows 98) and stored it in d: drive (With XP). I inserted the XP cd, deleted the C: partition and hence could not log into my XP. (Came to know about the boot.ini from this forum). But before reading about the boot.ini from this forum I installed XP again on C: drive as I thought I would get the option for logging on to both OS. I can see all my files on D drive through this new XP installation. Now I want to ask is it a good idea deleting this new XP I have installed and following the boot.ini procedure mentioned with doing a FIXMBR and FIXBOOT or I could do it without deleting this new XP.

Thank you for your kind reply.

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December 17, 2009 at 03:25:33
If you can boot to the old Windows XP on drive D, I would think it is OK. Of course, this time, make sure you have a nice copy of the current boot.ini, before you remove anything. Make sure you can run the OS on the D drive, not only look at the files on that drive, from the OS on drive C.

You will need to know the content of the current boot.ini, to be used in the new boot.ini that will be created by Windows 98 in the C drive. You can print it out as well, it's not that complex. Or just copy C:\boot.ini to D:\emergency\boot.ini or so.

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December 17, 2009 at 05:20:20
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If I read correctly... you can boot OK to the new installaion on c: - but not to original one on d: (although that one in d: is still there)?

Presuming so... boot from installation inc: (the only you can obviously) and run the bootcfg command/util. It will (all things being equal) find the installation in d: and add it to the boot.ini - giving you the dual boot option.

Using /scan switch will tell it to look/scan for "all" windows installations; and then it either automatically adds them to the boot.ini, or asks you to confirm the additions... (can't recall quite which it is...).

More on how to use it - various hits from "out there" (Scully)...

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December 17, 2009 at 07:13:33
Thank you trvlr for that reply. I was able to boot into my old XP after that. The reason I wanted to boot into this installation was to surrender Tally and then install a fresh copy as the system was badly effected with viruses. So I had to delete both the installations again as the new installation also got infected with it when I tried to backup my data.

Now I have a fresh installation and backup on one partition. I have installed Avast Home Edition and have run a boot scan and have found 169 infections mainly from win32:sality in my backup data. It had infected most of my required .exes(& system restore files as well) and I chose to delete after reading about win32:sality on google. I know its not related to the topic anymore but if you could suggest me if my system is clean from this number 2 ranked trojan now? I did not open my other partition after installing this new XP again.

If its getting confusing here is a flowchart description of what happened.

::Had windows 98 + windows XP (Both Infected)
---------->Deleted windows 98 using XP CD created a new partition and installed XP on it.
----------->Couldn't access old installation and help here let me to access it.
------------>Did a backup of all my data, deleted partition with old XP, created a new one and put my backup on this partition.
------------->Installed a fresh copy of XP, installed Avast Home Edition, run a boot scan (Did not open the backed up partition at all), got 169 infections mainly with win32:sality, all files infected were exes and some were in system restore as well.
-------------->Chose to delete all the infected files::

Could my system still be infected by this trojan?
What security do you recommend now along with Avast, Zonealarm firewall, spybot S&D?

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December 17, 2009 at 08:48:36
When you scan for nasties (viruses, malware in general) disable system restore first; then scan etc... Anything quarantined... delete it; perhaps rescan and then when all is clear... reboot. After-which re-enable System restore and reboot again...

Also perhaops run a freebie on-line scan to get a second opinion as it were. Seldom does any one util find them all initially; often one misses something another finds... But eventually they all catch up with one another... - housecall - is my preferred freebie... Opt for a full scan if in doubt. Verify it does successfuly download (temporarily) essential files and actually starts the scan. Then go have tea and cakes etc...; it may take a while...

Ideally scan in safe-mode both when running both local util and an on-line scan.

I use Avast; M$ Widows Defender and occasionally run SpyBot S&D and occasionally AdAware (Lavasoft) All are free utils for home use so avoid similarly tagged utils that ask for money...

The reason for disabling system restore whilst scanning is to avoid it simply re-installing the nasties that you deleted during the scan... Once system is clean then you re-enable system restore as above.

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