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Creating a Virtual Environment for an App

February 10, 2010 at 23:22:22
Specs: Windows
I have been researching programs like Sandboxie,
Thinapp, and Virtual App. Studio.

I would like to take an internet browser like IE,
FireFox, or Chrome and make a completely self
contained environment so when spyware and viruses
are picked up it will only infect the virtual environment.
From the couple of hours I played with ThinApp and
Virtual App. Studio I don't think they create a
completely self contained environment. Sandbox I
need to play with more.

I am looking for something short of just installing
VirtualBox and running a Linux OS with Firefox
installed. Because I know that environment is
completely self contained.

Avast Pro 5 has a "Sandbox" feature that does
something similar to Sandboxie but it does not allow
you to add an app. you want to virtualize (or at least in
the trial it won't).

Any ideas?

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February 11, 2010 at 17:33:52
You only have two choices. Run a VM or run an app such as sandboxie. What don't you like about either that you want to try a new app?

What you should do is run a live cd and not mount or at least mount read only the hard drive. That is the only secure way I know of.

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