CRC Errors from Archives

June 13, 2009 at 17:55:28
Specs: Windows XP, AMD64 X2 2.6Ghz, 2Gb
Heya folks,

I'm having trouble with CRC Errors occuring from Archives I download, whether it's ZIP or RAR (perhaps 7zip one's too, haven't had an opportunity to test).

Literally, downloading multiple archives ranging from 10-200Mb one after the other, and any one of them can be "corrupted". It's never the whole archive, it's usually just individual, random files that don't extract successfuly, even after repeated attempts - always the same results after each extraction.
In a current case I have atm, the last 7 files in the archive fail. The 7th before last only half extracts, so somehow the end of the Archive tailed off into nothingness - but this isn't always the case, as explained above.

I should note now, that re-downloading the Archives (Same source again), is the only workaround I have found, which is impractible for long term.

I just updated my WinRAR to the latest version to cover that possibility, also using 7zip and WinZIP make no difference, and there aren't any special characters in the files to get in the way (Japanese characters can be a nightmare sometimes!).

Regardless of where I set the Temporary Folder for WinRAR Archive Extraction (I have several physical HDD's), it makes no difference.

Just been into FireFox IRC, and they say the Temporary folder for the Downloads is the Destination folder, so they are heading straight to a fairly new HDD, ruling out what I thought might be my really old C Drive coughing up bad sectors and ruining things.
Thinking about it, I used a download manager to acquire the last set of archives, and it still failed to acquire them properly; there are not settings for it regarding Temp File Folders either.

I can't believe it's my RAM, it's reasonably new OCZ DDR2 sticks... and it doesn't appear to be my Hard Drives, but where else is the information stored?

Thanks for any help in advance, it's much appreciated :)

(For the record, my system is pretty stable, runs for several days before blue screening on USB driver errors (think it's my Sound card), so RAM definately seems solid in that regard?)

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June 15, 2009 at 16:19:28
No takers? Fair enough, it isn't an easy one I guess.

In a few months I plan to rebuild my computer a bit hardware wise, I guess I'll hold out till then. Might roll with twin Raptor drives in RAID+0 for blazing fast speeds for the OS & Applications, hehe, probably way overkill. Then I considered 4x1.5Tb HDD's in RAID 0+1 for ultimate reliabilty and speed for random content. Be damned if Archives go corrupt with that, and some better, faster DDR2 Modules to make sure I'm clear there as well.

Thanks to those who read about my problem, heh, I'll post back if I ever find a solution before my PC rebuild.

Edit: Wow, didn't realise this would actually get bumped, didn't think that happened with the old style Forums, thought it was the case here too XD Scuse me, heh.

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June 15, 2009 at 16:25:28
What service pack are you running? Is your temp folder on an NTFS partition or FAT32? Are you writing to the root directory of the drive or to a folder?

What type and size are the download files?

BTW, your time stamp for your original post was on the 13th. However the post just appeared here. You may want to ask the mod here why.

Send a private message to Justin Weber. Look at My Home above to get to the PM screen.

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June 15, 2009 at 16:45:05
Windows XP Professional with Service Pack Two (Yeah, I really need to patch over night sometime XD).

In regards to WinRAR extrraction, temporary folders on NTFS or FAT32 made no difference, but in regards to whilst downloading from the Net, it would have been stored (according the folks in FireFox IRC) on an NTFS partition. They aren't heading straight the Root directory, they are one level deep in a Folder.

Now you got me thinking, I wonder if... being an Encrypted Volume is helping, I'll have to put that to the test, can't believe that didn't occur to me. Mind you, not all my downloads go to one of these encypted jobbies, but testing it for sure is still an idea.

Type of File? Archives; RAR's and 7z's... I don't recall acquiring any others that seem to be "corrupt", such as Executables. Generally as previously mentioned, they range for as little as 10Mb up to 200Mb.

Thanks for the response btw :D

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June 15, 2009 at 19:39:34
Nothing jumps out at me from what your just reported. I suggest you download a drive fitness utility for whatever brand and type drives you have and run it. Seagate has beeen having lots of issues with drive failure lately. Are any of your drives Baracudda's by chance?

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June 16, 2009 at 01:52:41
I have the SpeedFan utility, which seems to to use SMART if the HDD's support it, to analyse there performance? But I'll check the manufacturers websites for any specialist tools to check them.

And yeah, I'm pretty sure the last two drives I got were both Baracudda Models, set up in RAID+1 though, and don't give me any trouble. I actually copied stacks of data I wanted to keep secure from loss (100+ Gb's) and I haven't noticed a single discrepencey/corrupt file.

All seems a bit baffling really... I've still yet to test the Encrypted Drive possibility, that it's perhaps somehow screwing up on the Fly while it downloads and writes - seems unlikely, but I'll give it a whirl now.

Edit: Well this is just amazing, the only two Seagate Drives I have are in RAID+1, and because of it SeaTool can't identify them - or perhaps the tool is strictly for USB External drives :/ I'm beginning to think I should just live with this until I upgrade my system and start afresh with a clean Operating System *Sighs* As annoying as the problem can be.

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