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January 17, 2010 at 11:48:20
Specs: Macintosh
I've somewhat recently upgraded a work computer for personal use. I upgraded the video card, installed a larger hard drive, and upgraded the ram.

Everything has worked fine, the computer is generally full functional. It boots fine, installs applications fine, and I can play a video game with no problems whatsoever.

The only issue is that it will stall randomly...but it's hard to replicate the problem. It doesn't stall while being idle. It doesn't stall during video games, or running high end products. A web page might stall while loading a GIF file on the page, or the most recent problem is that it stalls while using the lasso tool in Photoshop CS4. It wont stall until I actually select something and the selection is blinking.

Here's an explanation of the stall, the mouse doesn't move however if music is playing the music still plays. The stall only lasts about two seconds and eveything goes back to normal. However in Photoshop if that selection is still active it will stall for 2 seconds every few seconds until the selection is no longer active.

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January 17, 2010 at 11:54:40
Also while running windows task manager, or a performance monitor I don't see any change in ram, processor, or page file usage. Currently I'm running memtest right now, but I feel that isn't the problem.

My next solution is to try installing Windows 7 on another hard drive and seeing if that fixes the problem

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January 17, 2010 at 12:05:59
Mmm - that's a tricky one. Do you have any proprietary mouse software installed such as Microsoft's Intellipoint or something similar from another mouse brand?

If yes, try uninstalling it. Proprietary mouse software is not required for the mouse buttons or scroll-wheel to work in basic mode.

Definitely sounds like a software/driver conflict somewhere.
If removing the mouse software makes no difference (or no mouse software is installed) I can only suggest you go through a process of elimination with drivers.

If you start Windows in safe mode, only the minimum of Microsoft's own drivers are loaded. No third party drivers are loaded. Microsoft's own mouse driver is loaded so the mouse can still be used. If you can get PS-CS4 to start in Windows safe mode and you don't get that problem, it's definitely a driver causing it (either a device driver or an application's virtual driver such as in cd-burning software).

Update: just seen your reference to Win 7. You didn't mention that in your first post - this forum is for Windows XP!

Anyway, you could easily have some software installed that isn't fully compatible with Win 7.
There's a compatibility database here:

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January 17, 2010 at 13:20:46
I am running XP, I meant that I would try installing Windows 7 on another hard drive and seeing if the problem occurs. If not, then it would be a driver issue (I'm assuming).

I'm uninstalling my mouse/keyboard propreitary software (I have Kensington Mouseworks/Keyboard).

If that doesn't work I will try other drivers.

I ran memtest and nothing came up. I also tried Photoshop in Safemode and Photoshop said it would not load (I'm assuming it needs the startup programs that Safemode doesn't load with).

I will get back to you on the drivers. Thanks!

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