Computer hangs for a minute then

April 9, 2009 at 08:53:00
Specs: Windows XP Pro SP2
Every couple of minutes my computer seems to stop responding for a minute or so and then out of nowhere catches back up with everything happening all at once. Meaning everything I've tried to do while it's not responding happens. It's like it gets stuck and then figures it all out. This happens at no specific time, just frequently. The mouse usually works while it happens though recently once it stopped also then caught up with the rest of the machine. This is a new install of Win XP Pro SP2. I've updated windows as well as the bios and not used the internet except for automatic updates. I've checked the bios for anything to do but to be honest I'm not sure what to look for. All the fans are spinning. It's running Core 2 Quad q6600 4gb ddr2 800mhz on a evga 730i motherboard. All motherboard drivers are installed, though it did this before as well.

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April 9, 2009 at 11:02:36
If this happened before the new install then I would suspect it is memory issues.
Google for memtest86 and boot to it and run it for over night. Any errors detected means that you have a bad memory stick.

Another aspect could be that you have some applications trying to run in the background that is causing the problems...If you have low memory issues then this could be the cause of it as well. this program is free and works well in stopping these applications from running in the background or starting at the time you start your computer...(other than security and video, there is no need for programs to be running untill you use them.)
google for these:
comodo firewall

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April 10, 2009 at 09:08:17
I ran memtest for like 9 hours and found no errors. on top of that i replaced all the RAM with different stuff and still had the same problem. Could this be a compatibility issue or something to do with a subtle flaw in my processor?

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