Computer Freezes but no idea why

August 17, 2009 at 04:02:56
Specs: Windows XP
my computer freezes up several times over every so often (it varires from every 10-30 seconds and somtimes once a min) now i have checked 2 related topics but non help so i figure somone else has had this problem before, now im not the hard on computer guy but i do know bits and bobs here and there, like i know my computer isnt to hot and i doubt has anything to do with hardware dispite some ovious signs i will explain in a min

How the problem seems oviious (and began):
ok i installed 2 programs both of which i imidietly uninstalled but oviously these must of affected my system because it only started ofter these, now after a day of gettin them and any contents they left behind i did 2 scans using comodo, i scanned both critical areas and the harddrive itself and first time round i only found one threat but i did it again and found 8 pieces of moulware (sounds bad i know) so i oviously deleted them, now in mind i was hoping this would fix my problem but oviously not as im here "trying" to type this with the problem.
thats a little background to the problem

what happens?
ok besides it freezes the computer alot i still on occation have control over the mouse but somtimes that freezes with the comp, when i boot up my comp and log on some programs dont respond or they do but dont work- example being my browser being firefox when i log on i give my comp chance to load now when i click firefox under task manerger it says its running under the process menue but firefox wont load and the only way to get it to is to log off or restart, also with programs like itunes player and windows media player nither respond EVER anymore they just load and dont respond
another side effect of the problem besides alot of programs not responding or loading is that it constently takes forever to logg off or shutdown, last night i left it and it took 10mins to shutdown and it didnt used to even take a few seconds.
there the main side effects...

a little look at errors:
ok so what do you do first? check event viewer after my scans had no effect now it keeps saying IDE port 3 is not ready (i would get you exact msg but seems event view wont respond) now i know theres nothing wrong with my ide cable or port seeming its a fairly new comp and the ide are both new (only about 3 weeks old) but the fact the error nvr appeared up untill the second i downloaded them programs.

ive tried:
-virus scan
-ad/spyware scans
-systems scans
-system restore
-deleting contents of programs
- uninstalling them
+ other things

when i removed the maulware i figured it might work again because there being so much but it wasnt now i assumed it needs system restart which i left because it was about 1am and i didnt wanna so i shut down later for 3am (after waiting for it to shutdown) and in hope it would work this morning i loaded up the comp and i was happy to see windows live loaded on startup as it should, and firefox loaded (hopes to high though within a min it started)
i think thats the main thing people need to know
sorry about long post and if bad speeling (its hard with this problem)
thanx for any help

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August 17, 2009 at 17:11:08
Kind of hard to say.

Might be time for a clean reload.

I have never had much luck with trying to fix malware and virus's.

Consider using live cd's to recover data before you fix it.

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August 17, 2009 at 17:30:14
Deleting malware is not the proper method. You need to clean it out using the right tools.

Do you have an Anti-Virus program installed?

For malware try malwarebytes. For temp files try Ccleaner Slim. Get both at the link below.

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