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May 22, 2009 at 21:58:23
Specs: Windows XP Pro, 384
When i go to load software, some times i'm asked to insert a disc (CD Disc) in drive "A". The problem is that drive "A" is a floppy drive.How can i get it to use my 2nd CD Drive.

My PC originally came with a CD-R and 3.5 Floppy, I then later added a CD-RW Drive. I went into the Bios (Cmos setup) and against Drive A was shown 1.44M, 3.5 in. So i scrolled through Drive A and all i have is 2.88M 3.5, 360K 5.25 and 1.2M 5.25.

I'm not clear if this is the place to change between Drives .If so, does that mean i'm stuck with Drive A ?.


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May 22, 2009 at 23:21:28
... try this right click "My Computer" click manage double click storage double click disk management, right click the cdrom "change drive letter and paths"

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May 22, 2009 at 23:58:59
I'm not really clear as to how you have managed to have CD/DVD(?) that asks you load the disk into a drive using letter A (or B for that matter)...

Drive letter A is assigned (from aeons past) as a floppy - with the capacity/range you list; likewise drive letter B...

Connectors for both those drive systems are not (normally?) compatible with a CD/DVD unit of any flavour.

My experience is that, when you install an OS, drive letters are assigned in a sequence that deals with HD first (and with above considerations re' A and B); then moves on to assign for CD/DVD etc... And if you then add another CD/DVD unit it too will be assigned a drive letter automatically by the OS - regardless of how it's physically installed (Slave or Master posn.). That drive letter will (usually) be the next letter in direct sequence (but not always...); and will not usually cause the other devices already present to be renamed/re-assigned.

However, things are not tied down so firmly with dos-based OS; drive letters can (and frequently do) bounce around as you add in devices, especially if it's another HD... But with NT etc... things are much tighter/firmer and an assigned letter will not be bounced about etc. when you add in another device.

If (for whatever reason) you don't like the drive letter assigned (for anything other than that where the OS is installed) you can change it - depends on the OS as to how etc...

For XP... see this M$ KB:

and also - (less detailed):

and for the more elderly/earlier OS... see these:

Again... to the best of my knowledge A and B are not normally assigned by default to anything other than a floppy (and cannot be assigned otherwise)? And as far as I know most software designed to run from a CD is not specific to a given drive letter; but rather is written to run from whichever drive it's in - regardles of its drive letter? In days of yore (early dos days) software was often written to run from a given floppy drive - usually A: - but one could change this command/instruction so as to run from another device. PC Tools used to have good disk editor, as did the original Norton utilities; and with this one "could" edit the programme "fairly" easily... I say "fairly easily" as I managed to change the default for a (dos-based) chess game from drive A to C. Having copied the game from a floppy to the HD (C: ) - until I edited accordingly - it would insist on saying it wanted to go to/play from A... But I never really got into such disk edits/tweaks....

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May 24, 2009 at 22:35:56
Thanks for the info

Just to give you more info on what i'm trying to do which i should have given to you in my first post or make it more clear.

I have a CD as drive D (came with the PC)
CD as drive E (Installed later on)
3.5 as drive A (came with PC)

IF i insert a disk into drive D to load some software and if it ask's me to insert another disc, it always tells me to insert it into drive A (3.5 Floppy) . As the 2nd disc a CD disc that's when i have the problem.

I need it to refere to drive E (the CD drive)

PS : I've only got CD drives no DVD

I hope this makes it more clear on what i'm trying to do

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May 25, 2009 at 01:19:54

If you don't want floppy please first disable it from bios & then proper install your CD or DVD drive to secondary master & then check it.

Thanks & Regards

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