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CD Burning problem

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Hey ya’ll, got something new happening that is aggravating me.

I burned a cd a couple weeks ago – fine, no problems with it. I burned it with Windows Media Player 11.
I tried burning a cd with my Nero burning application. It has strange noises during it, which I suspect and queries on the Nero forum lead me to believe it is just something to do with my Nero program having problems burning mp3s. Not my question for this forum.

The problem is, I tried to burn another, different CD with Windows Media Player. I had changed no settings since the last burn, and was using a CD from the same pack. The main difference was that I dragged & dropped a playlist into the burn list instead of placing each one there separately, although each file is in the Media Player Library and showed in the burn list.

The first burn stopped partially through, and claimed I either had a problem or needed to burn slower. I tried again, this time burning at the slowest speed.

Now comes the problems. In one cd player, it plays, but cuts off the first part of the song, or pauses for a long time between and does not start again until I pause and unpause the disk, then starting a few seconds into the next song. My other Cd player cannot play anything beyond the first song, my mother’s computer plays the first song and then it just whistles, and the car’s cd player plays the first song then displays ‘error’ and spits it out. I have not tried it in the first cd player again since trying it in the others or in the computer that burned it.

What could be causing these sudden problems with the cd? Could something have been screwed up in the burner from trying to use a different program with it? I’m getting rather sick of wasting cds, since they were lightscribe disks. What really makes me wonder is that the first one seems to have done fine, but the one burned with Nero and subsequent tries have failed.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

(ETA: I just remembered that I have used the same drive and the drag-and-drop XP burn to do a rewritable data cd. I do not know if it would affect anything, but as it happened between successful disk and unsuccessful I decided it should be added in the spirit of full information.)