Causes for 4GB SD card not recognized query

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April 30, 2010 at 08:28:06
Specs: Windows XP, duocore 2.8GH/2GB
My multi SD card reader has worked fine for the last 3 years. As a present for mothers day I bought a digital frame and also bought a 4GB sd card to transfer the photos from my Asus PC (winXP pro SP2 ) to the digital photo frame.
But my desktop PC simply doesn't recognize the 4GB SD class4 card, nor a second one which I got from the shop to replace.

Here I realized that maybe it was my computer and looked at my card reader drivers.

My driver update program Whiz said my drivers were ok (They had detected Windows generic).

I looked at/ read about, others on the net having trouble and it turns out they have all been able to read/ write sd cards up to 2GB. But 4GB is no go.

At this point as no one had a solution I was thinking of rushing out and buying an external card reader to get wife's mother day 2000+ photos into
the digital card frame.

But I remembered, I have a small compaq 701es netbook with OS winxp, which although pretty spartan does have a card reader,

Yes, surprise, it does read and write to the 4GB sd card.

I then solved my problem by passing 4gb of photos to a 16GB pendrive. Sticking that into the netbook usb port and passing the photos from the pendrive to the sd flashcard. From there to the digital frame...was the last step :-))
and happy mother's day !!!

So now a bit more relaxed, my questions

Q1. Why can my netbook read and write to the 4GB card and the ASus PC can't?

Q2. The SD site doesn't offer drivers other than for winse.

Q3. Microsoft hot fix is for English language only, so what can I use as my PC has a Spanish winxp?

Q4 I'm going to buy a new 17" portable using windows 7, but will this run into the 4GB no read problem or is the problem part of winxp only?

Q5. I just can't figure out ... is this a hardware or a software problem???

Hopefully some of you gurus can guide us all through this SD minefield..

Bye and thanks

Madrid Spain

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April 30, 2010 at 16:25:03
I have had this with another generic SD-card reader. No matter what I did it would not recognise the card in the slot. Another (newer) card reader worked fine in the same computer.

Unless there is a firmware update out (manufacturer specific, unlikely) then it looks like the SD-card reader in your PC just isnt up to the job of reading the newer card

Sorry I was not able to show more helpful advice, but I just thought I would post this as nobody else has anything yet

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May 1, 2010 at 00:12:17
Many Thanks Thomasad: Yes, your reply is helpful in that we are arriving at similar conclusions.

I also feel that the SD card makers should advise that their cards are only usable in OS and/or hardware specified for SD HC, Class4 and above.

This warning should also reach the sales outlets . My experience is that super markets are not aware of the limitations of what they are selling.

But getting back to my original post.

Is this a hardware, software or as Thomasad rightly points out, a firmware problem?



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May 3, 2010 at 02:18:14
Hello Everyone:_

I think I have managed to get some of the answers to my own questions as to why
....SD memory cards work with some computers but not with others.....

The reference site that I have managed to find is:

The easiest question was what does the "class "writing on the SD card mean. There are three main MINIMUM transfer speeds to and from the card, respectively ;2, 4, 6, MB/s.

So if you buy a more expensive SD card, it could have, say, Class6

My other important question was ...why does it work with one computer and not another.?

Of course as I was transferring photos from a PC to a digital photo frame , really the my PC is the host.

Meaning the physical card reader slot and firmware is the business end.

In thethe index of the PDF quotyed above, we find

Figure 3-1: Hosts-Cards Usability .

The diagram is very clear. The old host reader writer can only read / write the older cards ( up to 2GB )

The new , well not very new as the spec is dated 2006, the new 4GB to 32 GB SD cards are now called SDHC, (HC = High Capacity).

The NEW host reader writer can on read / write the older SD cards ( up to 2GB ) as well as the SDHC cards ( up to 32GB).

So there we have it.

What do we have to do if we find our PC can't recognize an
SDHC card?
Don't waste your time looking for a non existent firmware upgrade, when you can get readers/ writers for less than 12€ more or less.

That I think winds up this thread, which maybe could be a sticky is the moderators see fit..

I think this incompatibility situation could have been avoided by the SD card makers adding usability information , but then as always.... Caveat emptor ... or something like that.

Bye Fred

written on the label

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